Be careful with the messages to conquer!

Many men wonder how to write messages to win over a woman. However, this is a double-edged sword. For what reason?

Because it is possible that she will be flattered if you write a beautiful or tender message, but this does not mean that she is going to be attracted to you, that you are going to kiss her, or that you will maintain a relationship with her.

Everything that the women in your life –your mother, your sister, your ex-, your friends, or your grandmother– told you that they wanted from a man is a lie. They wanted you to be a good boy, but haven’t you noticed that women don’t like nice guys?

Remember that what women consciously say they like about a man is not exactly the same thing that stimulates them emotionally.

For you to be an attractive man for women, forget the idea of ​​being a good boy and start being an alpha man.

So if you’re interested in her, don’t be repellent or affirm her compliments. Also, do not give him gifts, do not write messages to conquer. Don’t gift your interest to him in this easy way. They are turned on by knowing that you are an independent man, sure of yourself, with a life of your own, and that they should strive to gain your attention.

What do women expect of you?

To put it in 3 words: be a man. That’s all.

But perhaps you have not always been a man and at all times? Yes, but they want a man sure of himself, firm, determined, relaxed, and entertaining. A man who is not afraid to take control of the situation.

To know if you have been decided with women, I am going to ask you a question that you must answer frankly. Hasn’t it ever happened to you that you were ever with a girl, she asked you “Where are we going to eat?” and did you answer “Wherever you want”?

We can all remember some related scene, in which we are hesitant or we give up control of the situation to flatter or please her. And that is not excused by women.

From now on, you must firmly propose that you will have the habit of always taking the initiative at all times. It does not matter that your proposals are not always and in all circumstances the most accurate –although you don’t go over thoughtless–, just get used to proposing solutions.