Breezing: 5 reasons to adopt this anti-headache seduction technique

If you overdose on the classic techniques of seduction and all the “codes” that go with it, the concept of “breezing” should appeal to you.

Anyone who has already spent time on dating sites or simply experienced the beginnings of a romantic relationship (in other words, almost everyone) knows that there is a multitude of “rules” to follow to seduce. Wait several days before responding to an SMS, do not sleep on the first date … In other words, the art of being desired in order to make the other addicted to the point of not being able to do without you. What if we let go of all these codes that frustrate and stress us more than anything else? This more than attractive concept spotted on the American site Thought Catalog, responds to the name of “breezing”, which can be translated into French as “let flow”. Here are 5 reasons to adopt it.

1- You no longer torture your mind with ambiguous SMS

What an agonizing moment we are waiting for a response to the text message sent to this guy we just met. And when we have stopped believing in it, we finally receive the long-awaited response. At the same time, it is a fair return of things, since you had done the same with him a few days earlier. With the “breezing” technique, things are clear from the start: if he sends you a text message and you want to reply to him in the second, you do it. And vice versa.

2- You say whatever you think (and it feels great)

Did he say or do something that goes against your values? Tell him instead of shut up. With tact and kindness, of course. But stay frank enough so that the message gets across clearly. If he doesn’t like your remark, it may mean that he’s not that great after all. And after all, it’s not the end of the world.

3- You quickly know what to expect from him

Obviously, the principle of “breezing” really works only if the person with whom you practice it is on the same wavelength as you. This, therefore, implies a certain frankness on your part. Let him know at the start of your relationship that you know what you want and ask him straightforwardly what it is for him. In this way, you will avoid pretense and will not need to ask yourself a billion head-style questions: “Does he really want to see me or is he pretending?” By doing so, you will save precious time.

4- You practice physical intercourse as you see fit

Are you having a delicious evening and want to extend it for the rest of the night? Go for it! To hell with the rule that we wait for the 3rd date to sleep. (although this point of view varies a lot depending on the personalities of each). Be careful, we don’t tell you that it won’t work with the guy if you don’t do it the first night. But if you want, don’t deprive yourself. This is the whole spirit of “breezing”.

5- You remain open to changes

If you are still reading this article, it probably means that you are experiencing more than just physical attraction to the person you are trying to seduce (or keep). But that does not mean that you limit your scope of possibilities. You are not afraid of the possibility of failure, because you tell yourself that there are other fish in the ocean. This state of mind is very good because it keeps you safe from a big disappointment and/or a big frustration. You will, therefore, be fresh and available for a new meeting, probably more promising …