Can’t Find A Nice Guy? These Are The 6 Possible Reasons

Many girls complain that they can’t find a nice guy, complaining and saying that all good men are already taken.

It is common for every woman to think that this is the reality, especially when a woman tries to find a nice guy and ends up frustrated.

If you’ve fallen into this trap, it’s time for someone to rescue you.

Apologize to all the good guys out there for your behavior in the past and the behavior of all women everywhere.

You put the good guy in the friend category, you put impossible demands for him to meet in order to date you.

It’s time to change some things and some thoughts so you can finally date the nice guy you want so much.

So, ladies, this one is for you:

1. You Put All The Nice Guys In The “Just Friendship” Category.

When you finally find a guy who is actually a decent human being, you almost automatically put him in the “friendship only” category.

You leave him in this session wanting more and waiting for you.

If the guy is paying attention and is nice, that means he’s interested in you, simple as that.

He likes you and probably wants more than to hear you say you can’t find a nice guy.

Then you say things like “why can’t I find a nice guy like you?”

Soon, he’ll hear this and his heart will slowly break into a million pieces because he knows he can offer you everything you’re looking for and more if you just give him a chance.

But when you face the fact that your best friend might be the nicest guy, you’ll say that you value his friendship and don’t want to risk losing everything.

By this point, he’s silently banging his head against the wall because you say nonsense.

2. You Have Unrealistic Expectations.

You’ve set expectations too high.

Of course, every woman would love to meet a guy with a salary of R$50,000, who has his own house, a fantastic personality, and an amazing relationship with his mother.

He’s almost 6’2″ tall, with a full head of hair, no history of past relationships, and he can cook very well.

Ideally, he also loves to travel and speaks more than two languages.

He loves the things you do and he loves dogs, kids, and his weird family.

Sure, you might get lucky and find one of these, but the reality is, you won’t.

There are thousands of other nice guys who aren’t rich or six feet tall, they’re extremely cute and willing to do anything for the right woman.

3. You End Up Becoming The “Woman Who Wants To Fix Her Boyfriend”.

Everything about it is exceptional, except for one fatal flaw, and you just want to know how to fix that flaw to make it perfect.

You can’t accept him for who he is, you just want to fix him to make him perfect in your eyes.

So what if he has a messy room, are you going to spend the whole day in his room?

Women are constantly demanding acceptance, they want to be accepted for who they are, flaws and all.

But when things change sides, the project begins.

Every woman has done this, “it would be perfect if…”.

Women need to love someone for who they really are and who they can become, not who a woman imagines she can transform.

4. You Associate Idiot Personalities With Masculinity.

In the same way that there are problems with the image that men see of women, there are also many problems with the image that women see of men.

At some point in the development of popular culture, the ideal man became the idiot.

He’s not the smartest or the nicest, but he’s superior, much better looking, and doesn’t care about anyone.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the guy from television or a book, the nice guy is almost never the cold, masculine guy.

Take a look at any teen movie or tv show, it’s always the best friend who is the nice guy, and the “macho jerk” is whoever the girl wants to date, ignoring the nice guy and putting him in the friend zone.

Women are conditioned to believe that idiocy and masculinity go hand in hand, just as they have been conditioned to strive for unrealistic ideals of beauty.

5. You Only Look In The Wrong Places.

Very rarely will you find the man of your dreams at 3 am on a Saturday night at a drunken club.

The man showing off in the box probably doesn’t give a damn about who you are, as long as you have a nice ass.

The town boy paying you one shot after another probably doesn’t want you to meet his mother.

The guy who only drags you to clubs isn’t the kind of man you’ll take to your family gatherings for the holidays.

Looking for love at the bar or club is not the best idea.

These are great places if you’re looking for a physical relationship, but don’t even try if you’re looking for a kind, caring, and caring partner.

Try talking to the guy reading at the coffee shop or the guy who walks past your building taking his dog for a walk every day.

You’re going to want the kind of man whose weekend plan goes far beyond “drink, get really drunk, sleep, smoke, and repeat.”

6. It’s Not Him, It’s You.

At the end of the day, one of the reasons you can’t find a nice guy is because you’re a shallow person.

This is similar to having expectations that are too high, but this reason is a little more personal.

You love gossip and have no problem talking bad about people behind their backs, just to get away with it.

You put material possessions and physical appearance above anything else, making it virtually impossible to please yourself without an exotic sports car and designer gifts.

This is where one of the big problems is and one of your big difficulties is finding a nice guy because you’re not looking for a nice guy.

You’re looking for a good catch, and often that good catch comes without a cool personality that you crave to see in a man.