Caspering: 5 signs that he’s about to let you down

If you have already been a victim of “ghosting”, perhaps you will appreciate capering more. This term refers to a “friendly” way to end a romantic relationship. Here are some clues to recognize it.

We don’t all have the same method of ending a romantic relationship. Some prefer to remove all ambiguity by opting for a frank and honest discussion, while others a little less courageous will prefer “ghoster”, that is to say, cut all contact abruptly without giving any explanation.

If that can console, know that certain ghosters have enough scruples to put the forms there. Instead of wiping you out of their lives overnight, they choose to go smoothly by gradually pulling out and sending you clear signals, so you can see the breakup coming. This technique which answers to the name of “capering” (in reference to the nice little ghost of the cartoon) will be added to the long list of famous “dating trends” ( ghosting, hibernating, haunting, etc). Here are some signs that may help you detect the phenomenon.

1- He responds to your texts in a very laconic way

When you send him an SMS, he always responds. This is a good sign because it means that he is not “ghosting” you. But if he just answers you with a simple “yes” or “no” when you ask him a question or he never starts the conversation again, then you are probably right to doubt his commitment to you.

2- He never has time to see you

At first, he always made himself available. But today you consider yourself happy when you get to see him once or twice a month. In short, you always come after his family, his friends, his job, his hobbies. To believe that it would not really upset him if you were to see yourself no longer at all.

3- He tries to fit you in with other people

“I have a friend I would like to introduce to you. You would be great together,” he told you recently. Not very subtle, we grant it to you. But the message has the merit of being clear: it would not be against the fact that you associate with other people. So, unless it is a follower of free relationships, you can easily deduce that he does not imagine happy days to be by your side.

4- He never stays with you when you go to a party together

You have a whole bunch of friends in common, which means that you often find yourself invited to the same parties. When you meet him, he exchanges two words with you but quickly turns to other people. A bit like you are only a vague acquaintance for him. Which is quite annoying.

5- He suggests that he is not very ready for a relationship

If he gives you little hints like “I really don’t have time to invest in anything right now”, then there is no more doubt. Expect that sooner or later he will tell you that you are great, but that he and you “will not do it”.