Choose someone who really cares about you AND does the following 10 things

Finding true love today may seem impossible, but it does exist – you just need to be patient. In the meantime, don’t settle for a c * n just because you don’t want to be alone. Choose someone who really cares about you because you deserve it.

1. Choose someone who calls you and really writes to you when they say they will.

Don’t make excuses for the guy who doesn’t write to you for days and cancel plans you had together – it’s just that you don’t interest him. You deserve to be someone’s priority, you deserve someone to think of you constantly. You are neither an option nor a spare tire.

2. Choose someone who really invites you out and who is impatient to find you.

Time is the most precious thing a person can offer you. The boys who make real, concrete plans with you and stick to them are the ones that are really worth it. Don’t settle for the guy who constantly makes excuses to explain that he has no time to be with you. Instead, make room for the one who will actually be working to create real memories with you.

3. Pick someone you miss when they’re not around

If he’s genuinely interested in you, he’ll tell you that he misses you or that he’s impatient to find you – Don’t settle for anything less. You deserve a guy who is crazy about you, not someone who considers you a blemish in his life. Your presence is a gift. Doesn’t he realize it?

4. Choose someone who doesn’t just say “I love you” but who shows it to you.

Not all men are able to put words into their feelings, but each of them has a way of expressing themselves through their actions, so be careful. You deserve a man who, by treating you the way he does, makes you feel the luckiest woman in the world. Here is the only type of man you need to make room for in your life.

5. Choose someone who is interested in you when you are upset, even if they are not responsible

If you feel bad, it should be there to help you go back up the hill and make you feel better, whatever the situation. Choose a man who, even in the middle of an argument, is mature enough to want to talk about things – not just because you’re two responsible adults but because he cares about you and wants to nurture your relationship.

6. Choose someone who is proud of who you are right now.

The man you are with must be the kind of man who shouts on the rooftops how exceptional you are, because you are. Choose a man who complements your life goals, your desires and who challenges you in a positive way to help you be the best version of yourself. He must love who you are and what you are destined to become.

7. Choose someone who does not hesitate to defend you.

A man who truly deserves your time and your commitment is the one who will always be there, in a corner, ready to support you as soon as things go wrong. Don’t waste your time with someone who will make you feel alone during each of your fights – you deserve better.

8. Choose someone who makes you feel exceptional in every way.

The man you choose should make you want to wake up in the morning with joy. Your life is already wonderful and you should sacrifice your time and energy only for someone who makes you feel as good, if not better. You are free to choose who enters and stays in your life, so choose wisely.

9. Choose someone who compliments and likes your faults.

In any romantic relationship, it is not normal for your partner to put you down and make you feel less than nothing, if someone makes you feel insignificant, make them feel nonexistent by pushing them up ‘at the gutter. Choose someone who kisses you on the forehead and loves every little detail of you that you question yourself. Your imperfections must be in his eyes, a version of perfection.

10. Choose someone who could not live without you.

Life is not long enough to waste your time with con * ards and morons unable to treat you properly, so stop the costs and choose someone who truly and honestly cares for you. You want sincere love in your life and the only way to find it is to get rid of the “pests” and make room for someone who is genuinely interested in you.