Classification of the signs of the zodiac: from the attractive to the least attractive

1. Scorpio

No one masters the language of love as well as the Scorpions!

In fact, it’s simple, Scorpio belongs to the most passionate sign of the zodiac and it is particularly true in love. A Scorpio will take you to the seventh heaven and you will pray that the journey will never end.

Under the duvet: Scorpios are masters of eroticism and voluptuousness. Between pleasure and pain, with them, nothing is ever bleak. The Scorpio likes to take the reins and get his partner to defy all taboos.

2. Pisces

It is said that experience is the best guide and Pisces will certainly not contradict this adage.

They are also great enthusiasts, in all and their love of romanticism only makes things better. They will take you on the road of pleasure, with sensuality.

Under the duvet:  Pisces like everything, controlling or being dominated. In all cases, they are open and it is certainly their sensitivity that leads them to listen to their partner. In short, an attentive ear ready to give in to all your desires!

3. Aries

Aries are carnal and full of sensuality. If they are only third in this ranking, it is surely because their excessive need for domination leads them to be little attentive.

Under the duvet:  Aries are conquerors! They are followers of “quick, well done”. But they are true epicureans, always ready to embark on an ocean of pleasure. They are fiery and just waiting to experiment!

4. Lio

Lios are fierce and dominating. They love to shine and it shows in their intimate life. Generally, this ardor leads their partner to be mad with desire and to want to rush under the duvet as quickly as possible.

But just like Aries, the narcissistic tendency of Leo can lead him to be a poor lover.

Under the duvet:  Guided by a need for performance, it does not skimp on the means! He loves naughty toys and themed parties!

5. Cancer

Cancer is as passionate as it is sensitive. And these are two qualities which he shows in his everyday life, as in his love life.

With Cancer, it’s a bit all or nothing: real roller coasters.

Under the duvet:  Sentimental, Cancer is the king of hugs and foreplay. Romantic, but rather modest, he may have a little trouble letting go … But once that is done, you will know the true content of the expression “make love”.

6. Sagittarius

As we know, Sagittarians love discovery and new experiences: in life, like in a bed!

In short, if you are in a relationship with a Sagittarius, expect to fly to the seventh heaven and experience a real journey of the senses. Naughty and daring, they will not hesitate to break all taboos. Hiccup, they can be a bit selfish…

Under the duvet:  The legs in the air with a Sagittarius can be summed up in two words: adventure and spontaneity. Driven by desire, it will make you travel beyond the borders of pleasure.

7. Gemini

Gemini knows how to be passionate, but stimulating them is not as easy as you might think.

It is not compatible with all and to excite a Gemini, it is still necessary to pierce its shell. But then again, once done, you will experience a limitless pleasure.

Under the duvet:  Driven by a need to seduce, the Gemini love games … But difficult to take them to play with you. They like to flirt and give life to their fantasies.

8. Libra

Libras do not belong to the most creative and passionate sign. What’s more, they can be possessive and jealous.

In short, they have a hard time letting go and therefore enjoying themselves.

Under the duvet:  Awakening the sensuality of a Libra is not easy, but if you manage to excite, and his body and his spirit, he will be able to reward you for his caresses. The Libra are not fans of one night’s adventures.

9. Virgo

Virgos, as we know, are a little psychorigides. Perfectionists, need everything to be perfect and it is a quality that does not go well with the pleasures of the flesh.

But they also know how to be tender and attentive and therefore sometimes make good lovers!

Under the duvet:  Virgos are classic and careful lovers. But if you manage to tame one of them and help him to let go, he will be able to listen to you and bring you, very slowly into a world full of sensuality.

10. Taurus

Loving a Taurus can be the best, as well as the worst decision of your life: they are all fire, all flame!

They are loyal but stubborn and it is for this reason that misunderstandings can quickly become legion. Between misunderstandings and rants, they can quickly be annoying.

Under the duvet:  Certainly, Taurus do not pass to be the best lovers of the earth, but if you manage to find common ground, they can become one! Listening to their 5 senses, they will also give you chills.

11. Capricorn

It is not that Capricorns are poor lovers, but rather than having a romantic relationship with them can be complicated.

Indeed, they are very difficult and demanding. As a result, their partner can quickly develop a feeling of inferiority and we understand that this does not facilitate the birth and expression of sensuality!

Under the duvet:  Capricorn loves classic things! If getting a Capricorn to let go is surely one of the most difficult businesses in the world, if you get there, the explosion of their long-suppressed desires could take you to another world!

12. Aquarius

Aquarians are not poor lovers either, but they are lonely souls.

They find it very difficult to open up and to feel confident. Their extremely reserved nature leads them to the bottom of this list.

Under the duvet:  But once confident, Aquarians can bring playful content to their antics. They like to play and to show this lightness which they sometimes lack in their everyday life.

Again, remember that astrology is not a science and what is said is to be taken lightly!