Conquer the woman of your dreams

Give bouquets of flowers at home

Although there are fashions that come and go, old-fashioned romance is something that will always prevail and, therefore, details such as giving a bouquet of flowers is a sure hit if you are looking to conquer someone.

A bouquet of flowers makes every woman feel special and unique, and will undoubtedly make her realize your feelings for her.

Flowers at any time of the year are an extremely romantic surprise , either to declare yourself or to thank your partner for everything he does for you. Without a doubt, it is an ideal gift both in the beginning of a relationship and in its maintenance, since flowers have a very special meaning, which you can discover throughout this article.

However, before discovering what each flower symbolizes , you may have made assumptions such as that you are ashamed to stand with a bouquet of flowers, you do not have time to go to a florist or simply that you are anxious to witness the reaction of the woman you like. But these are not reasons to give up one of the most romantic gifts out there.

In fact, instead of appearing at the door of the woman you want to conquer, you can opt for a more elegant detail that avoids having to expose yourself directly to the situation: giving flowers at home .

you can compare between different online florists and thus give and send flowers at home without having to leave your home. At this point you just have to select the perfect bouquet of flowers that expresses what you feel.

The meaning of flowers

Undoubtedly, when you choose the bouquet, it must be made up of roses , since this type of flower represents love; however, their color alters the symbolism of your gift.

The color

  • Red roses : They represent passionate love , as well as admiration and respect. They are a great gift for a consummate relationship, but if you are looking to attract the attention of a woman it might not be a good idea, considering that you are going too fast.
  • White roses : They symbolize purity and innocence , as well as perpetuity and health. Giving a bouquet of white roses at the beginning of a relationship implies that you seek to build a common and lasting future, so it also has too intense a meaning for a relationship that has not yet begun.
  • Pink roses : If you are looking to send a softer message, these are your roses, since the color pink implies sympathy, a positive attitude and beauty. The more intense the pink color, the more intense the feelings you are trying to show.
  • Yellow roses : Yellow is the color of friendship and youth. When you give yellow roses, you give freshness, warmth and good vibes.

Since feelings are not one-way, you can represent everything you feel with a combined bouquet that represents passion, innocence, positivity and warmth all in one, materialized in a beautiful and colorful bouquet of roses.

Size does matter

To win over a woman, opt for a medium-sized bouquet, which is neither too small nor extremely large.

If it is your partner, the ideal would be to give him a large bouquet of roses, since if something is true in this life, it is that women adore large bouquets.

The moment

Ideally, the bouquet arrives when she least expects it , although obviously, the ideal is that at least you have seen each other a couple of times and both of you feel good, since otherwise, you could scare her.

The place has to be comfortable and not crowded with people, as it could be overwhelming and even more so if you are still getting to know each other.

Now that you know all the secrets to give the perfect bouquet of flowers at home, you have no excuse not to entertain the woman you want to conquer. Do not wait any longer and select the florist that most catches your attention