Conquer your crush on the first date: 5 unmissable tips

If you want to know how to conquer your crush on the first date, read on and take note!

The world of dating, confusing, stressful, and difficult to navigate in appearance! But not impossible to approach successfully as an expert.

What do you need? Just keep reading and learn the 5 best and most effective tips to conquer your crush on the first date!

The first tips are simple and practical; With them, you will learn to identify everything you need to make a good impression.

The rest of the recommendations have so much potential that, when applied, you will think that it is a magic trick.

But none of that, you are simply using a bit of applied psychology to the situation.


Psychology is the science that is responsible for studying the mental processes and behavior of human beings.

So let’s inject a little of your help into each tip for the best results.

A good date is one where you have a great time with great company.

With the following tactics, you will see how easy it is to create a magical moment and become the best company. Look at them!


The place is not only important for the environment it provides, but also for the environment it allows.

First of all, try to have several options; In addition, it is essential that you have already been to one of those sites or that you have a reference to what they are like.

You should avoid places where you cannot have a quiet conversation, due to noise or other external factors that may interfere.

To know how to conquer a man who is still undecided or to conquer your crush on the first date, it is necessary that you enjoy a pleasant chat where you can get to know each other better.

A cafeteria, or a restaurant are usually the most “classic” places.

But if you are a girl a little more energetic, do not hesitate to look for fun and surprise him with some good idea that will leave him with his mouth open.

The key is to promote closeness and show him, in that first meeting, that you are a unique woman, and that way you will know how to make him see you as the most special woman in the world.


Taking care of your appearance to attend the long-awaited date with the boy who steals your sighs does not mean completely transforming yourself.

As well as spending a quarter of your earnings on aesthetics and wearing clothes that, otherwise, you would never wear just to impress.

Making all that effort to conquer your crush on the first date usually has a negative effect in the long term, since sooner or later you will return to your “original form”.


This will probably make your boy, disappointed, think: “This is not the person I met.” It is a matter of taking advantage of and enhancing all your virtues and qualities to give the best image.

Although sometimes you question it, there are aspects that make you very attractive and, taking care of certain details, you can highlight your beauty greatly.

Try to dress in a subtle way, this also applies to both makeup and hairstyle; never forget that more is less and the more natural and fresh you look, the better, he will appreciate it!

Look confident and confident, you’ll see how your attractiveness increases by 200%!


Imagine that the atmosphere is great in the place you have agreed, your appearance has undoubtedly enchanted it, but the conversation is fading, little by little.

Until that uncomfortable moment of silence arrives where they don’t know what to say, what to do, or where to look.

It is precisely these moments that are in charge of ruining the situation and turning the first date, with that man you like so much, into the last date.

To avoid awkward silences, you don’t need to have public speaking experience or plan all possible conversation topics.

You just have to keep constant feedback on the topic they are talking about and change it in time before you run out of anything to talk about.

Apply the following tips and conquering your crush on the first date will be easier than you imagine!

  • Affirming and asking: Listen to what he says, affirm one part and ask to extend another part; For example, if he mentions what he does, you can affirm with the impression you have of that profession and ask for something related.
  • Subtly changing the subject: This is a technique that psychologists and good teachers use to guide a person to focus or change the subject, making him think that it is he who has noticed an important detail. If you are almost at the end of the path of a topic, the moment he responds to a comment of yours, take that idea to link it to another topic that you think can continue the conversation.
  • Combining and going back: Have you ever said something, heard someone else say it differently, and suddenly come up with a lot of other ideas about it? Hearing things in a new combination is being present to a completely new stimulus. Use this to your advantage to keep the conversation going !; Taking what your quote mentions to combine it with your own words and thoughts will make new ideas and interests spark in your mind and the conversation can continue.


A boy is more open to talking, sharing, and enjoying the experience of the first date if he feels in tune with the woman who accompanies him.

People, naturally, feel comfortable in a family environment.

Even without realizing it, we notice certain details and behavior patterns in other people that give that air of familiarity.

That’s when we think: “this person is like me”, which makes us feel comfortable and open ourselves to enjoy without fear or prejudice.

To create that feeling, you just have to pay attention to a few small details and bet on the mirror effect.

In addition, know some tips to know how to be more funny and fun, this will surely be of great help to you to relate to others and, of course, with him.


Make your body language similar to that of your date; If he feels relaxed, take relaxed body language.

Adapt to their body language little by little; Later you will notice that, without realizing it, your boy will begin to adapt your body language.

That is proof that they are beginning to have a perfect tune! Learn more about the importance of body language.

Also, make sure that your volume and tone of voice are similar to that of your date; This will have the same effect that you are looking for with your body language.

In addition, you can gradually incorporate the same type of expressions, you will see the results!

If you make an effort to put the above details into practice, the first date will always be a success and you will make any man feel absolutely comfortable by your side.


There is something that psychology has discovered that is really quite interesting: we are an association machine.

Every day, every moment, without even thinking about it, our brain is creating and evaluating a large number of associations.

Therefore, this great ability to link ideas, thoughts, and emotions is something that you can use to your advantage.

Every time you notice your date cheerful, whether it’s talking about a nice family memory, the expectation of an accomplishment that he feels close to, or anything that means something good or desirable to him, take a small action.

It may be, for example, that when you walk together, you notice that he mentions something that causes a positive impact on him.

Then, you can bring his arm closer to yours, getting closer. Linking that action with a positive feeling will allow you to later awaken that same feeling by repeating the action.

Would you dare to try this partnership tactic and the other tips that I have shared with you to conquer your crush on your first date?