Conquest of a Woman – The Biggest Mistakes Men Make!

By your pretty smile do girls fall on your neck? No, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. You know as well as I do that it’s our job as a man to win a woman’s heart. That’s our job.

However, with a few tricks, you can ensure that the woman suddenly fights for YOU. If you do it skillfully, you will notice how she tries harder and tries to win you over. You can find out how this works in this article.

Conquering a Woman – The Biggest Mistakes Men Make!

The expression “conquest” is a bit like war, isn’t it? Perhaps that’s why most men don’t fully understand what it means, in the context of flirting, to “get” an attractive woman.

They think they have to go completely on the offensive and attack with wild battle cries in order to drag their queen of hearts home with them as quickly as possible.

Guys in the “Attack Department” always make the same mistakes when trying to get a woman:

  • cheap flattery excess (until you slip on the slime trail)
  • expensive gifts and drinks at the disco
  • chase the beloved forever
  • constantly report to WhatsApp and message the lady
  • keep asking for a date
  • do every favor to conquer the woman with your help
  • showing off on a date (“my house, my car, my boat…”)
  • exaggerated romantic love confessions

Unfortunately, these strategies and behaviors lead to the exact opposite: the girl is quite turned off because she thinks,  “Oh no, this guy is desperately trying to win me over…he seems to be really needy. He’s probably lonely and doesn’t know many women. 

This is the REAL reason why women suddenly stop contacting or cancel dates…

5 tips and tricks to win a woman’s heart

You’re probably wondering right now: How do I make myself interesting so that women can conquer ME?

Here we have to clear up the misunderstanding I already pointed out above: If I were to define the word “conquest”, then it does not (only) mean to attack as in war. It just means getting something you really want to have.

Transferred to flirting, this means: you feel a physical attraction/love and try to win the woman’s heart for you – with the most skillful tactics possible.

1. Talk to them IMMEDIATELY when you see them!

Of course, nothing works without talking to the woman – because how do you want to win her heart if you don’t even get in touch with each other? Don’t hesitate because of uncertainty and don’t wait until she gives you a clear invitation through eye contact and a smile.

At this stage of the conquest, it’s really true that you should switch to attack mode…

Go straight to her and openly say,  “Hey, I just saw you and I thought you were really cute. So now I just had to come and talk to you! 

In complicated situations (bus and train, at work, university, etc.) it is clear that it is difficult to win a woman like this. You should be a little more sensitive here and ask an unquestionable question so you can casually talk about it.

2. Turn small talk into flirting!

When flirting, the woman has to find an interesting characteristic in you so that she wants to conquer you. But how can you awaken their desire for you? The secret is a mixture of humor, playful phrases, and mysterious touch. Something like that can really send you into ecstasy.

Here is a small example:

You: What do you do for a living?

Him: Oh, you know, I’m a pearl diver in the Caribbean. If you behave, maybe I’ll take you on a trip. (with a smile)

Maybe you can feel it: a guy who answers like that seems a lot more attractive than some bore who answers all the deadly serious questions like he’s a dusty politician in an interview. A woman always wants to conquer a man she finds attractive… where she can feel that indescribable click!

So become that man, only then will you like the fact that some women want to attract you.

3. Conquer a woman: awaken her jealousy!

Your lady of the heart will only try to win you over when she has the feeling that you will also be welcomed by other women. There are two reasons:

1.  Your relationships with other girls act as a sort of seal of quality that sticks to your forehead. In other words: other women have tested you and found your masculine qualities to be good.

2.  Competition stimulates business, also in love. As soon as she sees a lot of competitors who are also targeting you, she’ll want to fight for you so your skins don’t run away.

But at the same time, show that you like her! It is absolutely essential that she feels that she has a chance with you. What it means to you: Talk to other women in her presence. Have fun doing it and don’t pay too much attention to her, but still show her affection.

When you’re alone with her…

By the way, with this technique, you can conquer a woman even when there are no rivals nearby. It’s enough if you casually tell her about your contact with other women:

  • “Yesterday on the train I talked to such a girl, she goes on interesting hikes on vacation. I like that kind of trip…”
  • “I recently went to the movies with a good friend, we saw the new Spider-Man, a really cool movie…”

Don’t make these women the real topic of conversation, just mention them in passing like in these examples!

4. The psychological trick to win your heart

You certainly know: we humans always want exactly what we cannot get the most out of. Therefore, if you notice that a woman is interested in you, you can also distance yourself a little and make her restless to increase the tension.

Make yourself scarce in several situations if you want to conquer the woman! This means: don’t keep in touch with her by phone or WhatsApp and take a little time to answer her messages. You can also postpone a date.

But do not overdo this method of manipulation so as not to look repellent! If you want to win a woman over, you need to be very tactful and correctly interpret her flirting signals. If you get it wrong, you risk losing the girl.

Orient Your Approach to Women: Women master this game perfectly if they let a man squirm like a fish on a line. You certainly know this phenomenon! Use this to your advantage even as a man because it will drive her really crazy.

5. Distribute fun stumps

Another ingenious trick to conquer a woman: confuse her a little by giving her a fun basket:

  • “Oh, we don’t match at all. We are like cats and dogs, this would never go well with a relationship! 
  • “Don’t expect me to kiss you on a date today. You can forget about it, I’m not that man! 

Very important:  always say these things ironically and with a smile on your lips so that the woman really understands these statements as fun – and not as a real hoop or even an insult!

If you do it right, you’ll awaken your hunting instincts like a hungry tiger. She will want to convince you that you were made for each other and start to conquer each other.

When it doesn’t work, conquer the woman

Clearly, trying to win his heart and letting yourself be won over as a man can sometimes backfire. Especially women who are very feminine or shy expect you to make the first move. And not only that: These women are usually very passive and even want a man who is dominant and takes full responsibility for the attraction.

If you find such a woman, the golden mean between restraint and aggression is required, WITHOUT chasing after her. Granted, it’s a fine line, but if you follow the flirting tips on my blog, you’re on the right track!