Costly marriages are more likely to end in divorce

For most people, marriage is the most magical and beautiful time of their lives. And so that this event is memorable in their minds, some couples do not skimp on the means to make a grand ceremony generating tremendous expenses, to live the unforgettable moment. However, a study revealed by our colleagues from INDEPENDENT, showed that expensive marriages are not necessarily the most successful.

It is the free choice of each person to organize their wedding and plan it as they wish. Today’s weddings are more and more like fairy tales, and some people who are getting married for the first time just want to celebrate the best day of their lives as they should without really thinking about the expenses. caused.

However, according to a study by economics professors Andrew Francis-Tan and Hugo M. Mialon, the more expensive marriage is, the greater the risk of failure. And so, this is good news for couples whose income is limited to celebrate an ostentatious wedding.

In fact, according to this survey, the wedding industry has always tried to associate marriage expenses with its success. However, statistical results have shown the opposite. It has been found that the duration of the marriage is not associated with the expenses for the ceremony and that there is still a high probability of divorce in the case of an expensive celebration.

What is the explanation for this probability of failure?

Also in the journal of the aforementioned faculty study, some factors, such as stress-related to marriage-related debt, may result in marriage dissolution in some cases. These fees can be as much for the purchase of the engagement ring as for the expenses of the ceremony. Money problems that occur after the marriage can lead to discord and arguments within the couple that can eventually degenerate.

Thus, the newspaper states that in the sample of men, it was concluded that “spending between $ 2,000 and $ 4,000 for an engagement ring is associated with a risk of divorce multiplied by 1.3 compared to an expenditure ranging from $ 500 to $ 2,000. On the other hand, the study reveals that a less expensive marriage would lead to a lower probability of divorce.

In addition, research has indicated that the cost of a honeymoon does not affect the viability of marriage and is even associated with a reduced risk of divorce.

Also, it would be wiser to spend more money on a trip that will benefit more lovers. This trip will be more interesting and will allow the couple to be fully together and feel more united.

That being said, the expenses incurred in a marriage do not always have a negative impact on the duration of marriage since love when it is strong, reinforces the bonds which unite the married and can transcend all the problems that can occur.

What are the secrets of a happy marriage?

According to  Psychology Today, most couples who marry or live together, a dream of sharing a happy life together that will last in time. Researchers have examined the issue and concluded that the adoption of certain habits on a daily basis within the couple can lead the couple to a more serene life.

  • Being aware of the present moment to spend with your partner and benefit at every moment, allows partners to get closer and feel valued mutually.
  • People who respect and renew their commitment every day and who stick to it are more likely to see their couple happy and sustainable.
  • A couple should not forget that having fun and having fun together is the key to happiness.
  • Prevent minor problems from encroaching on the couple’s happiness.
  • Expressing your love helps maintain romance within the couple. As well as making compliments and raising the esteem of one’s partner helps to increase the degree of closeness and love in a relationship.