Couple: 4 ways to show them your love

Routine, work, thousands of things to do, and organize sometimes get the better of our sentimental life as well as small gestures of attention towards our partner. Expressing your feelings requires a lot of different attention. Check out a few to apply every day.



You are the mirror of your partner. He/she has no better way to feel appreciated and to gain confidence than by what you say to him/her. By verbalizing his qualities, you do good for your relationship and at the same time remind yourself of what you like about this person. So don’t hesitate to tell him how beautiful you find him/her, that you like his outfit, or that his scent is driving you crazy …

Time and listening:

Spending time together is the basis of a strong relationship. Sharing activities, helping the other in their daily tasks, keeping them company… everything is good. And when you have a real conversation together, look away from your cell phone. By answering a call, message, or email, you indirectly tell them that others are more important.

Physical contact

Instead of giving yourself a lip kiss at night on the way home, hug your partner. A hug stimulates the brain’s production of oxytocin, the feel-good hormone. You will instantly feel closer and more connected. Physical contact, whether it’s taking the hand, stroking the back of the neck, or massaging the shoulders, is a very easy way to express love.

The attentions

Each person expresses their feelings in different ways. Some privilege words, others gifts, others services, others time spent together, and still others physical touch. Identifying your type of “love language” and that of your partner will allow you to better understand what the other person expects from you. If her way of telling you her feelings is to repeat “I love you,” try telling her too. Conversely, let him know what you value and what makes you feel loved.