Couple: 6 tips to reconcile after an argument

To reconcile with your partner after an argument, you need to show good will. You don’t have to feel like you are confessing to yourself: you are simply giving yourself a new opportunity.

It’s no secret that couples have good days and bad days. After an argument, some couples do not know how to handle the situation.

Would you like to know how to reconcile with your partner after an argument? Showing love without trying to figure out who is to blame is one way to overcome the argument and be in tune with your partner again.

Discover some tips here that will help you take this first step.

1. Don’t isolate yourself after an argument

When we argue with our partner and are particularly angry, we tend to distance ourselves from our partner.

Usually, we leave the room where our partner is, slamming the door in order to isolate ourselves somewhere. The cries and physical distance will only aggravate the situation, which will become more complicated.

Although it may be difficult for you to feel tenderness towards your spouse during this time of crisis, seek to establish physical contact with them in order to ease tensions.

Look for his gaze, grab him by the arm, give him your hand, touch his hair, or hug him… These actions will activate positive feelings. The tone of your voice will drop and the atmosphere will be less tense.

If the reason for the argument is serious and you have decided to isolate yourself, then make contact with your partner as soon as you see him.

2. Control your body language

After a heated argument, even if you try to smooth things over, the body emits signals of embarrassment that prevent spontaneous reconciliation.

It is therefore relevant to identify and control the large number of gestures that create a barrier between you and your partner:

  • closed hands
  • crossed arms
  • Frowned eyebrows
  • head down

Rather than having closed gestures, relax, and look your partner directly in the eye. If you can, smile at him to indirectly encourage him to come closer to you without being afraid of being rejected or being reproached.

3. Have a sense of humor

To ease the tense atmosphere of the argument a bit, you need to be able to use a little humor.

But be careful… Do this in moderation to avoid misinterpretations: you must avoid sarcasm and mockery.

Both women and men like their partner to have a sense of humor. You can try to figure out what happened in a fun way.

Then play a joke or offer your partner to see a funny movie. You will both feel much better after this!

4. Forgive

If you want to reestablish your sincere bond, forgiving is the best thing to do. For this to really work, your forgiveness has to come from the heart.

Forgiving is a noble gesture that will set you on a new path. It will also allow you to work on acceptance and recognize your own flaws: you will be able to question yourself in order to avoid making the same mistakes.

Forgiving does not mean that you have failed or that you agree with your partner: to forgive is to give a new opportunity to get your life back on a good footing and move forward in a space where trust reigns.

5. Show your affection with hugs

As we said above, the tension caused by the couple’s argument generally causes the physical estrangement of the two members, which is not ideal for promoting reconciliation and appeasement.

Take the initiative … Put your pride aside and reestablish a warm contact with your spouse. Kisses and caresses are sentimental weapons.

Feeling each other’s affection and being in your arms is the most comforting thing after an argument. This will help heal the wounds.

Also, try to express your feelings in words. Don’t hesitate to say the following sentences: “I love you”, “I don’t want to get angry with you”… This will further ease the tensions and the conflict will not worsen.

6. Make love

We’ve all heard of “reconciliation s**x”. Although it is obviously not recommended to argue just to enjoy a better s**x life, reconciliation s**x is still a very good option.

It is undeniable that the best reconciliations are those that take place after reconciliation s**x. The reason is thisthis activity releases endorphins and relieves stress.

It is for this reason that the conversation after s**x is lighter and more manageable. You will see that the problems which seemed so serious to you a few moments ago will not matter so much.

It is normal to argue with your spouse: in a relationship, there are always differences. The main thing is to pay attention to his attitude during the argument.

Love can overcome anything, but everyone must do their part in order to avoid the relationship being affected by routine, daily differences, and more serious problems.