Couple: 9 ideas to get out of the routine

Make way for the unexpected!

The number 1 enemy of couples, far ahead of infidelity or dating sites, is … routine!

So to prevent it from extinguishing our couple’s flame, here are 9 ideas to chase it as far as possible.

  1. Schedule a couple activity

To break the routine and relearn how to see each other in a different light, there’s nothing like registering together for a fun activity: yoga, theater, tennis, painting … The goal? Have fun, share, and rekindle the flame of complicity!

  1. Leave room for the unexpected

Being organized at work or at home is good. But going to a restaurant every 1st Wednesday of the month, making love every Thursday and Saturday evening, going on vacation every year to the same place … that breaks the charm a little, doesn’t it? In love, the unexpected and spontaneity should not be neglected!

  1. Go on a trip just for two

If only for a weekend, just to be alone, to chat, to laugh, to flirt … far from the hassle and the daily grind. Ideal for decompressing together, but especially for re-soldering the links in a different setting.

  1. Make an appointment every week

At home, for a one-on-one evening, the goal of which will be solely to discuss: what is going well, what is not so well, our expectations … in short, everything we have on the heart. As a reminder, communication is THE number 1 pillar of lasting couples. And because ultimately, in everyday life, between work, children, friends and the rest, we don’t have that much time to do it!

  1. Do things … one without the other

Yes: when we stay glued 24 / 24h together, we choke, we know each other by heart, and the presence of the other becomes a due, a habit. But by doing activities on their own, we miss each other, and above all, we can’t wait to see each other again!

  1. Make things happen under the duvet

If there is one room in the house that can make or break couples, it’s the bedroom! To break the routine on that side a little, don’t hesitate to dare new things: new love games, new accessories, new positions, new places, new outfits …

  1. To say words of love

Even if after years of living together each is sure of the feelings that the other has for him, it is not for all that that the “I love you”, “you are super s**xy”, “I’m lucky. to have you ”or the like must become rarer. On the contrary: it proves to the other that despite the passage of time, we do not consider it at all for granted!

  1. Do not forget to have little attentions

Gifts with no special occasion, a little sweet note left on the fridge door, a massage when you come home from work … We tend to forget it, but these little gestures that cost us nothing can rekindle the flickering flame of a couple in less than two by showing the other that we still care as much for him.

  1. Take care of yourself

It is well known: well-ordered charity begins with oneself! And when you take care of yourself and feel good about yourself, you are necessarily more inclined to seduce … and to let yourself be seduced by the other.