Couple: how to fall in love every day

Falling back in love with the person with whom you have shared your life since a lease is quite possible. You just have to look at yourself.

You have been in a couple together for a few years already. Complicity and trust are there, love too. But sometimes the routine takes over, and you feel disconnected. And if some advocate taking a break and taking some distance to fix the situation, others on the other hand seem convinced of the contrary.

When love goes by the eye

This is the conviction of Ken and Sandra, an American couple who have been married for more than 25 years. Interviewed by journalist Stan Tatkin of the Mind Body Green site , they assure that what allows them to remain so linked for all these years is the rapprochement and above all, the look: ” When I look Sandra straight in the eyes, i feel like I’m meeting her for the first time. “

A love at first sight repeatedly and a way to stay connected to each other, if we believe the main interested:

“I never get tired of looking Ken in the eye. I see so much in his eyes, it’s much more powerful than just words.”

A kind of miraculous “eye contact” that would allow the couple to evolve instead of standing still. Obviously, explained like this, the concept looks a bit abstract. To help you try the experiment, here are some practical tips to put in place.

Practice the art of looking

1- Sit opposite each other about 50 centimeters from each other.

Then ask your partner to tell you about his day. During this exchange, make sure to be very attentive to his eyes. Without fixing it too insistently, try not to lose the thread and read between the lines.

2- Before the end of the conversation, take a step back and space yourself about 5 or 6 meters. Start focusing on his eyes again while he continues to talk to you. Do you feel the difference?

3- After a few moments, come closer again. This time, keep both eyes closed and focus on the other senses like smell, touch and hearing of course.

4- Reverse the roles and repeat the exercise a second time.

When you are done, discuss together what you may have felt. When did you feel the most connected to each other? Have you seen things in the eyes of the other that deserve to be deepened?

If you enjoyed the experience and you felt real changes taking place, do not hesitate to repeat this exercise several times a week or as soon as you have a moment.