Couple: how to find love passion in 60 seconds

Why do couples seem so in love in the movies? Because they only show us the “best of”. What if we were inspired by it?
A method inspired by Hollywood films to rekindle the flame in your relationship? This is what Adam Fields offers, a marriage expert and family therapist on the Womenshealthmag website . Indeed, when you watch a romantic comedy , the passion between the two protagonists looks tenfold, the funnier jokes, the more romantic outings. Why ? Because the directors are careful not to show us the moments – devilishly more numerous – when lovers are bored, snoring on the sofa or throwing small spikes. They only reveal to us strong scenes, in the chain, leaving us the care to imagine (to fantasize?) What happens between each scene. We call this the magic of editing. All of this, obviously punctuated by perfect song .

Test the “Montage-Awareness Therapy”

And why don’t we also look at our life as a couple by making a compilation of our best moments? Our first kiss, our first trips, our move in together, the purchase of our kitten (become a fat lazy cat), our discussions until the end of the night … In short, (very) good times, we have got it too!

However, according to this expert, doing a “Montage-Awareness Therapy” would allow us to reinflate our little loving hearts a good deal. How? ‘Or’ What ? By simply taking 60 seconds to think about the following things:

– A moment during the first meeting with your partner

– The time your partner gave you an absolutely perfect gift

– Your first kiss

– Once you have practiced physical activity together

– Your best time in bed with him

– Your biggest laugh in his company

– An unforgettable vacation memory

– Presentation to your friends

– One of the countless moments of calm and zenitude shared together (even in front of the TV watching a series)

This list is obviously not exhaustive and you can add as many significant moments as you want, like this magic moment when you announced to your other half that you were pregnant, the first steps of your baby , the time when your man said anything while sleeping, all those where you made the world up in your bed …

Once your “Montage-Awareness Therapy” finished, ask yourself: How do you like it right away? Isn’t your heart suddenly pounding like a Hollywood heroine in the arms of her lover? Isn’t your married life definitely more exciting than any romantic comedy? Good, and then if this retrospective does not remind you of anything good, it will serve you at least as an electroshock to balance the end credits.