Couple: this SMS that will turn everything upside down

In a relationship, it is always advisable to look in the same direction and especially to try to trust each other. Dame X must have lost this notion of trust the day she decided to search her husband’s cell phone. An act will cost him quinine.

For a good husband, Lady X has found one. A handsome man, rich, intelligent but above all in love, wise and respectful. He is one of those husbands who take very good care of their wives as well as their children. From wardrobes to high-value jewelry, including luxury cars, vacations in Europe, Dame X has everything women of her generation dream of.

Everything was going well until one day she began to search her husband’s cell phone. One day while he was taking his shower, she rushes to the phone. She discovers there a message from a friend of her husband who will change everything in his home. The text message read: “My type, I just introduced you to a real bomb”.

Distraught, Lady X could not contain her rage. So when her husband finishes dressing and invites him to pace, Lady X has fun. After throwing her an endless “Tchrrrrrr”, she concludes “Go pacing your feet with your bomb”.

Realizing that his wife had searched his phone, he invited her to read the reply to this message. He handed her a text or we could “Thank you my guy, but I already have a real bomb at home, my wife, she is my life!” “.

Shamed, she apologizes. But her husband does not hear it that way. For him his wife made an unforgivable fault.

It has been two months since Lady X has only received daily expenses from her husband, despite her apologies. The couple now live in a separate bedroom.

Hoping that her husband will forgive her for her act, Lady X bites her fingers. Let’s just hope it’s not too late !!!