Couple: those things we can’t stand

Being in a relationship is great. We share our life with another person. Yes, but let us note that this has advantages and also disadvantages. Examples.

The wrong rhythm

When we want to go to bed at 10 pm because we have had a grueling day and the gentleman starts to shave his beard at 1 am, we just want to kill him! Living together, when you don’t have the same rhythm of life, it’s really unbearable.

Bad faith

What could be more annoying than when your sweetheart denies having done or not done something. We, at least, when we are wrong, we recognize them!

His messy side

He leaves his dirty socks lying around, he doesn’t put his coat or his shoes away, he doesn’t close the toothpaste tube… Grrrrr, when there is one who is a maniac and the other is not, that’s a problem.

His appetite

He has a big appetite. Except that we barely lose three pounds so we try to be careful. With him by our side, it’s difficult.

His love for football

That he watches a game from time to time is fine, but that he wears his t-shirt whenever there is one and shouts, no!

His smoke

When you go out with a guy who smokes and who doesn’t really care that you feel like you’re choking, it’s unbearable.

His conduct

He is so comfortable behind the wheel that he thinks he’s the king of the world and thinks nothing can happen to him.

His ex

He stayed with her for ten years, so obviously it was difficult to cut the link. But hey, at some point, you have to choose! Because she calls twice a week to ask him how he is, you shouldn’t overdo it!