Couple: would long distance relationships be the most solid?

It is a more than surprising study that has just published the journal Journal of Communication and relayed by the Huffigton Post. While it has always been believed that love at a distance ended badly, it would in reality be nothing: it would be even the most solid.

Good news for lovers separated by long distances: their couple would be more viable than a traditional couple, according to a study carried out jointly by Chinese researchers from the University of Hong Kong and Americans from the University of Cornell. Published in the journal Journal of Communication , this study shows that distant lovers are actually the closest … by thought. With the help of secrets via smartphones, social networks and other tablets, they would be more likely to communicate than couples living under the same roof.

Love 2.0

Are we then entered the ‘ era of ‘ love 2.0 ? In any case, this is the conclusion reached by the researchers: all these efforts of distance communication would explain the solidity of these couples : they would indeed provide more efforts on a daily basis to maintain their relationship. One of the researchers, Crystal Jiang, explains this theory: “ Couples at a distance fight more than couples living nearby to share their intimacy and affection. And their efforts pay in return. “