Couples share their list of things that they like in their partners

When you meet someone and feel that instant chemistry, consider yourself lucky. It’s hard to find a good partner these days, especially if the feelings are mutual. So you go on a few dates, you realize they aren’t horrible, they don’t live with their parents yet, they have a job and they basically see the world the same way you do. Before you know it, you are “official”. You are now part of a couple and the honeymoon phase begins.

But what exactly causes the chemistry that ultimately leads you to choose someone to share your life with? Open up and be vulnerable. There are certain traits and characteristics that the opposite gender must possess for any type of attraction to occur, and although physical attraction is important, especially in the initial stages of a relationship, you cannot maintain a relationship in physical attraction.

List of what guys like in girls

Of course, everyone has their own preferences and there is no definitive list of things that everyone agrees on. Some women may find men who are goal-oriented, serious, and ambitious attractive, others may find men who are free-spirited, spontaneous, and who do not take life as seriously as they are attractive.

Some men may find a natural girl next door irresistible, while others may prefer women who always look glamorous, ooze grace, and have a touch of mystery to them that are much more attractive.

With this in mind, there are still certain physical and personality traits that a large part of the population looks for in a partner. On the contrary, there is a universal, not that rejects the majority of men and women. Here are some positives and negatives that many studies have shown to be very common in the general population.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that most excite most men.


Common things guys like

When it comes to men, they are visual creatures. They certainly place more emphasis on physical characteristics when choosing a partner than women. As for the most common physical arousals of men, the most common are:


1. Big eyes

No, we are not talking about crazy eyes. We are talking about big and beautiful peepers that any man can get lost in. An added bonus to go with a pair of beautiful big eyes is a long pair of lashes!

2. Full lips

Most men go crazy for a woman with full, kissable lips. Obviously, lips are for kissing… and some other naughty things, so it’s no wonder lips turn men on.

3. Curves

Caution: curves ahead. While women around the world torture themselves by starving, exercising too much, and trying to be as slim as possible, most men prefer curves. The soft, feminine curves are truly ingrained in the primal instinctual arousals of men. Curvy women with smooth breasts and hips are signs of health and a healthy physique for motherhood. So ladies, stop starving, eat, drink and be happy (in moderation), and stop looking up at celebrities and skeleton models!

4. Legs

It’s no wonder men like attractive pins, shapely legs that seem to last for days. This may seem disheartening to shorter women, but isn’t that what an attractive pair of heels or stilettos are for? Women these days are lucky because clothing is designed to accentuate features.

As much emphasis that men place on the physical appearance of their partner (or potential partner), no relationship can go beyond the physical if they only seek appearance.

5. Sense of humor

No man wants to live with a woman who cannot accept a joke (as long as it is not rude or degrading). It has been proven time and again that couples who laugh together stay together. They must be best friends AND lovers if they want to last in these days of massive divorce rates. There is nothing cuter than a girl who laughs out loud with the same kind of humor as you. Better yet, someone who laughs at YOUR jokes (you know it’s a booster for your ego).

6. A woman who knows how to cook

Easy now, feminists! This is a big problem for men. And even as the decades have passed, women generally seem to take over the kitchen. Of course, there is a reason to say “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This is not to say that men expect gourmet meals that could even rival Nigella, but if your lady can make a hearty and delicious meal, it is almost a given that she may be Mrs. Right.

7. Ambition

The days when men feel resentful towards their female partner who is ambitious and successful, perhaps even with a woman who earns more money than you are no longer considered emasculating. In fact, many men find successful professional women extremely exciting.

List of what girls like in guys

When it comes to women, they are not as focused on appearance as men, and you will often find a much greater variety of physical traits that turn them on. In fact, women seem quite influenced by magazines, the media, and the latest hot celebrities that women go crazy for. First, it was the impeccable Christian Gray, then suddenly there were beards and a more disheveled look,

And the most recent, (we are still not sure if this is real), the Dad Bod. (Check out this article if you have no idea what we’re talking about.)

Regardless of what it does for you as a woman, I think we can all agree that the female gender has a more diverse idea of ​​the “perfect man”, which is great! Especially in a world where finding your soulmate is so difficult.

Common things girls like

As mentioned above, when it comes to physical arousals, women have much more diverse tastes in the appearance department than men. However, like men, love cannot last only in appearance. Here we take a look at some must-have non-physical traits that a large chunk of women agrees with within their search for the Right Mr. Right.

1. Intelligence

Sure, he may be a veritable ghost, but if a man is a great eyecatcher, but not the sharpest tool in the shed, you will find women who shy away from any potential relationship with a man who can barely hold an intelligent conversation. Women crave communication, and there is no greater dislike than a blank stare during an interesting conversation. We are not talking about Einstein here, but brains are very exciting.

2. Mr. Romantic

No, chivalry is NOT dead. Whether most women like to admit it or not, they really love a man who opens doors for her, pulls out chairs for her, and surprises her with flowers. Women still love romance and a man who takes her on dates showers her with compliments is not afraid to show his affection in public and looks at her like she is the only woman in the room.

3. He takes care of himself

Not all women want a ripped, muscular man. However, great excitement is a man who takes care of himself. While many men and women tend to get carried away once they are in a long-term relationship, it really doesn’t bode well in the long term. Men who maintain an exercise routine, have good hygiene, and pride themselves on their appearance are great assets when it comes to a long and happy relationship.

4. Has a career orientation

An ambitious, disciplined, and goal-oriented man who is not afraid of hard work, he turns women on enormously. It also means that you respect that it is an equitable partnership; one in which both partners do their part to have a good life as a couple.

Common pet-peeves for guys and girls

You are in your little love bubble, just the two of you, and thanks to all the love hormones surging through your body, namely oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. Sure, your new partner in love is not perfect, there are some imperfections, idiosyncrasies, and strange behaviors, but when you are in that honeymoon phase, blinded by chemicals and the excitement of possibly finding “the one”, these little things are something sweet and endearing,

Sadly, this period is finally coming to an end; the chemicals settle and real-life penetrates its once impenetrable bubble. Those little features that you found endearing begin to turn into annoyances and irritations. Where you once ignored the clothes on the floor next to the laundry basket, now you want to get your hair pulled out. The loud crunch of a crispy package during your favorite show now appears to be ten times louder.

This does not mean the end of a relationship, do not be discouraged. They will have fights, they will get upset, but if, at the end of the day, they still love each other, they will compromise or learn to live with the little things. However, there are certain non-universals that are significant deviations for both genders. These include:

1. A closer bond with your smartphone than with your partner

There is nothing more annoying than trying to talk to your partner and feeling completely ignored because they just won’t put down the phone. Whether they’re texting, scrolling Instagram, or worse, constantly taking selfies, you need to lay down the law or show them the door.

2. Terrible hygiene

There is a no bigger problem than lack of hygiene. If your partner doesn’t bother taking a shower at least once a day, clipping her toenails before they become weapons, or wearing clean clothes, the last thing you want to do is get in the bag with her. There’s really no low-key way to tell your partner that they are, for lack of a better word, gross, so tell them. And if they don’t change, it’s time to move on.

3. Laziness

If you’re doing just about everything, you’re in a one-way relationship. Whether you bring the bacon home, run errands, or do most of the housework while your partner hangs around unappreciatively and doesn’t even consider a partner to be the same, throw it on the sidewalk!


Most people need a lot of frogs to kiss before meeting their prince or princess. This is not bad. If you’ve been in a series of dead-end relationships, chances are you’ll eventually identify what you want in a life partner and what you don’t want. The key is to love yourself enough not to just settle. While even the happiest of couples have their differences, little fights, and established paths, the key is compromised.

If you don’t put your foot down, all you’re doing is allowing unpleasant behavior and you may end up losing the man or woman who ticks all the boxes. Sure, every happy couple has their things that are exciting and unpleasant, but it’s about working together and communicating.

And then there are the simple train accidents. We’ve all been there and hopefully sooner rather than later we’ll learn to stay away from them.