Couples who really love each other, 56 things they only do in private

There are things that only couples in love really do in emotional intimacy. It is also true that couples who really love each other often fight, but without taking offense. This is because everyone retains their independence and defends their opinions.

Only couples in love who truly love each other can feel pure emotions. Only couples who cultivate love in every act are long-lasting and beautiful. In a couple that loves each other, not everything is peace and happiness, rather it is passion between mountains and valleys.

Sometimes there is total peace and other times sadness. Weeks of routine and suddenly adrenaline they can’t control. Relationships where there is true love are very emotional and are worthwhile. What do lovers really do in private?

Have time with your partner and even wake up with illusions

Only happy couples who love each other know the true meaning of sleeping together. Wake up, look at your partner, smile and give him a kiss. Can you imagine doing this every morning?

Love is also custom. The habit of being free to decide what to do for your happiness. Playing dirty and yet loving each other, cooking together smiling, chatting, and taking care of each other.

1. They show their weaknesses when they feel fear or anger moves them

2. A loving couple checks the pimples on their skin and squeezes them out.

3. When there is love, they can go hours without talking without being uncomfortable.

4. When they want they take food to bed

5. A couple in love can talk all night until dawn.

6. Mutually they laugh at their own clumsiness and even provoke it

7. In a coordinated way, not without accidents, they settle into bed

Couples who really love each other do these things all the time

When a couple truly loves each other, their emotional intimacy is the most important thing. The quality of a person’s day-to-day life depends on the quality of their intimate life. How you get along with yourself and your partner matters a lot.

To get along with your partner you need good self-esteem, confidence, and security. If you lack self-esteem you will submit to it and you will not be completely happy.

8. Jokes and practical jokes are made

9. They are together but it occurs to them to communicate by chat

10. They motivate each other to achieve their challenges.

11. Help each other with their jobs or pending tasks

12. Their thoughts are guessed and sometimes they speak the same

13. They become accomplices when they lie to a friend

14. A couple in love give each other details, kisses, and beautiful words

Live a routine where you feel valued and loved by yourself

Couples who truly love each other know that any routine kills love. But a lifestyle created with love deepens the bonds of love.

Loving without expectations, giving everything is what allows you to know your world. They are going to make mistakes, but they are going to get smarter and they are going to build a better love.

15. They talk late even as sleep overcomes them

16. Happy couples kiss with great passion

17. They can talk for hours completely naked

18. Couples in love bathe together

19. They swap clothes and laugh at each other.

20. Couples who love each other can spend the day snuggling

21. No problem using just one toothbrush

Treat your partner as a unique, special person and be thankful

Why do couples who love each other fight? Because neither is unique and because they both look unique. Each wants their happiness in their own way and they fight for it. But they fight with love, not hate.

The couples who love really are and treat each other as unique. Not having alternatives makes them special. That person will always be the love of your life.

22. As soon as they wake up they talk about what they dreamed of

23. They feel confident in showing themselves with their natural scents

24. They find something cute in a book or the internet and read it or show it to their partner

25. They count their failures and successes from day to day

26. Their fears, challenges, and hope are confessed

27. Couples in love eat without any shame

28. They wipe the snot with their finger

In true love couples, the details make life worth living

Do not fall in love with anyone with whom you do not feel capable of making a fool of yourself. It is in your fragility that you will really feel true love. When two people really love each other, they fill in details.

When you have nothing to hide or pretend, when you feel like yourself, you are with the right person. Therefore, when couples who really love each other allow themselves everything, even being fragile.

29. Watch your favorite series in complete silence

30. They take care of each other that they rest well

31. They can caress until the skin bristles

32. There are moles and spots on the skin

33. They talk about nonsense until they get tangled up

34. They dance imagining that their favorite music is playing

35. When they love each other they tickle games

Your emotional intimacy is the most important love you can give yourself

Emotional intimacy is what happens inside you, in that place where no one, only you can control. In that intimacy, you have to feel true freedom and love so that everything outside feels good.

Not with just anyone you can do some things. Not with just anyone you find a way to be totally free and do what you love. The couples who love really enjoy their privacy.

36. They watch all kinds of movies together without censoring each other.

37. They mutually suck each other’s skin, ear, or fingers and pretend disgust

38. A couple really in love with sniff each other

39. They comb their hair and even dare to cut themselves

40. They cook together, chatting animatedly, each one doing their part

41. When you send each other love massages, you love each other

42. Funny, poetic, or romantic letters are written

True love comes with one person loving himself

Intense and passionate love comes with only one person in your life and that person is always you. Because at all times when you love, hate, jealous, are indifferent, etc., it is you. Your self-love is the most important thing.

You can love or hate thinking about why a person appears. But at all times that love or hate happens in you. The couples who love really love themselves in their individuality.

43. They are observed completely in nature, in total confidence

44. Their private parts are touched for no reason

45. They comfort each other when they have difficulties

46. ​​They do not feel disgusted by their own breath.

47. The skin is checked and stories are told of its scars

48. They can spontaneously look at each other and laugh at something that only they know

49. They leave the door open while they work in the bathroom

You have to love yourself first before loving someone else

Just as your customs take you somewhere, the love you practice with yourself also. All your happiness and success are based on your habits of loving yourself or sabotaging your love for yourself.

You can only be happy and successful as you are used to. The couples who love really just do what they are accustomed to.

50. When they are drunk they help each other vomit

51. A couple in love organizes a party for just the two of you

52. They let each other comb their hair

53. A couple in love cares for the other when they get sick

54. They dance for each other

55. A happy couple tells their fantasies

56. They prepare food together completely naked

People with great self-esteem are always evolving, adapting. For them, their priority is to treat each other with love. With each mistake, they learn to treat themselves better.

For this reason, happy couples who love each other argue without fear of being wrong. It is with those mistakes that they learn. They learn to tolerate, give in, and change.

In short, there is a deep individual responsibility for happiness in couples who truly love each other. No one is waiting for the other person to take care of their happiness. They take charge of their self-love themselves.

Couples who really love each other, 56 things they only do in private

1. Have time with your partner and even wake up with illusions
2. Couples who really love each other always do these things
3. Live a routine where you feel valued and loved by yourself
4. Treat your partner as a unique person, special and thankful
5. In true love couples the details make life worth living
6. Your emotional intimacy is the most important love you can give yourself
7. True love comes with a single person loving himself
8. First you have to love yourself before you love someone else