Daily romantic touches

It seems that it is the little attentions that make the most beautiful love stories? If you don’t agree with this, you can go your way. If, on the other hand, you want to give a little youthfulness to your relationship or if you are looking for new ideas to breathe a little more love into the daily life of your couple, you are on the right page. We invite you to discover many small attentions for a man or a woman to do daily or punctually.
These little touches are ideal for all lovers! So have fun testing them on the person you love! It could be small, tender, romantic attentions but also small gifts, love messages, …
A little attention is always a pleasure, so don’t hesitate!

Write love words to him/her

On the bathroom mirror, on a note slipped into his pants pocket, on scented paper on his bed … write him a nice declaration of love. Tell him, for example, why you love him, give him compliments, remind him of a happy memory …

Offer him/her his/her favorite delicacy

Candies, chocolates, macaroons, éclairs in coffee … surprise her, one evening, to bring her back the gluttony she / he loves!

Send him/her an adorable sms

Over time, text messages quickly become lists of things to do (“Don’t forget the shirts at the dry cleaners”, “Did you take Angelique’s bag for the music?”). To fight against this routine, write him a romantic and adorable sms. but also some ideas of first catchphrases in love to send.

Have him deliver a bouquet

Many online stores offer the sale and delivery of flowers at home. Place an order and plan delivery for a day when you are both at home. When the delivery man rings the door ask him to open and also play the astonishment!
Discover the bouquet and the little word of love together … Appreciate her reaction when she finds out that you are the recipient!

Make him his favorite dish

Buy all the essential ingredients for the preparation of his favorite dish and leave work a little earlier to surprise him / her, in the evening, with the dish already ready to eat!

Embrace him / her as it should be

Often taken by routine, kisses are often gusty. For once, take the time to really stop in front of him / her and kiss him / her as if you were not going to see yourself for a long time … this kiss will surely stay in the annals!

Go to meet him

At the end of college, work, his sport … wait for him / her and come back together! Likewise, have lunch with him / her at noon!

Compliment him

Tell him from time to time why he / she is important in your life, why you like him, his qualities, that he / she is always attractive… Tell him, in the morning, that you are looking forward to meet him / her in the evening!

Unload him /

From time to time, unload him / her from everyday tasks. He / She will surely be delighted to come home in the evening and discover that there is not much left to do except … put your feet under the table!


Prepare a candlelit dinner, a massage, a hot bath, a breakfast in bed … take advantage of this time together to rediscover yourself!

Log out

As soon as you get home, disconnect from your hi-tech devices … no more laptop, computer and television … spend time with him / her. Chat, laugh, play together …

” I love you “

Tell him I love you slowly, with passion and emotion!

Take time !

Just take the time to take your time! Plan a romantic date per week! Whether it’s a meal at home just for the both of them, a dinner at a restaurant, a movie session entwined on the sofa, a board game evening … Take care of each other, take the time to yourself rediscover intellectually and physically. No longer think of children or everyday worries. Just make sure you are alone in the world!
Keep up the pace and it will allow you to be even closer to each other!