Detachment is not getting away from others so as not to live on attachment.

Learning detachment is one of the most difficult things there is.

We resist because we are afraid of losing the object of our attachment. We want things to happen our way, for others to act the way we want, for our Life to unfold as we planned. And each time we resist a little more, we suffer a little more.

Learning to detach from the results of our efforts, the outcome of our expectations, the response of others to our requests is a great exercise in trust in Life, openness of heart and acceptance.

Detachment is not getting away from others so as not to live on attachment. Nor is it to be indifferent to what happens as a result of our expectations.

Rather, it is to remain open to what will happen, regardless of the results. It is accepting to deal with what life puts in our path, knowing that it is for our good. It is knowing that we will cross the bridge once we reach the river. It means making the necessary efforts to achieve a project, but also accepting that the result may be different from our expectations, and doing with it.

It is to love the other by offering all our love while recognizing that the other can love in a different way than what we wanted. It is loving yourself, everything about yourself, even imperfections, knowing that you cannot improve anything if you do not accept it in the first place. It is to live by doing your best, by giving your maximum while knowing that sometimes we will be successful, and sometimes not; sometimes we will be recognized and sometimes not; sometimes we will be loved, and sometimes not.

Detachment is our determination to be free and it is a great anti-stress! It is having a deep conviction that everything is perfect, no matter what happens. It is part of unconditional love and above all, it brings great inner peace.