Do you have doubts about his feelings? React!

Do you trust yourself? Are you sure of yourself? Even if the answer is yes, that doesn’t stop you from coming across a whole bunch of questionable guys. Guys unable to see your qualities and appreciate your personality. Above all, guys unable to realize how lucky they are to have you.

But you absolutely don’t have to settle for so little, settle for a man who treats you as an option. You deserve to be a priority and if this is not what you feel to be with your current “companion”, it is time to react!

React and above all, act!

You deserve better, you know it and it’s a resolution that you must keep

When we are faced with this kind of boys, those who treat us as an option, the easy solution is to get into their game. Let them lead us by boat, without saying anything or demanding anything.

Don’t let it go. When you have a relationship with someone, it must be suitable for both parties involved. So never settle for things that don’t suit you and stay firm.

Defend yourself and don’t hesitate to assert yourself. You have the right (and you are right) to ask to be treated properly and in accordance with your aspirations.

Do not doubt yourself and trust your instinct

When you are in a relationship, it is easy to be influenced by the opinions of the other and to be convinced.

So if you hear yourself saying all day long that you are too sensitive, or that you take things too seriously, you can quickly believe it. But no, you are not crazy and do not have too high expectations.

Again, you know what you want and that’s a good thing. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. It is normal to have to compromise for your couple relationship, it is not normal to have to forget yourself completely.

It is not normal to love and to suffer from it.

Remember, if a boy has feelings for you, he will have no trouble making room for you in his life and taking your wants and needs into consideration. Making yourself known will be his number one priority. These are things that happen naturally.

Take time to think

Take a step back and ask yourself what this boy means to you. He may not be your next companion. If he makes no effort for you, chances are you will never see him again.

Take into consideration your needs and requirements. If it does not meet any of your criteria, it is better to move on to something else and save yourself a lot of unnecessary suffering.

Try to forget it and you will quickly realize that it is much better this way, for you and your well being.

Stay open!

The most important thing is not to plan on the comet. Yes, maybe things will progress well and you will end up getting together and being happy.

But for the moment, nothing is less certain so, stay open to any other opportunity. Go and seek love in other countries. You are free and it is high time to enjoy your freedom.

Meet people, men, go on dates, etc. Do whatever you want, but don’t waste time waiting for someone who doesn’t seem ready to do the same for you.

Ask him an ultimatum

Yes, ultimatums are not beautiful … But sometimes it is our last resort and the best thing to do in these types of situations.

Give him two choices:

  • Either he begins to act as your companion.
  • Either, it persists in its immaturity and you will look elsewhere.

It’s very simple after all. Remember, you are the master of your choice and no one has the right to step on you.

Expect the worst

So as not to be surprised and confused if it is the worst that happens! Know that you can overcome everything, you are a warrior!

So when you explain to him that he has to change his behavior if he wants to keep you, expect the worst. Expect him to ignore you or tell you he’s not ready. In this case, take your courage in both hands and say goodbye.

Be ready to move on, quickly …

Sad to say, but honesty is not often rewarded. And with men unable to treat women (and others in general) properly, honesty is often a foil. She scares them away.

Finding out your thoughts and feelings about him, chances are you will never hear from him again. So be ready to move on quickly and at a time that will not be the one you have chosen.

The ultimate method: ignorance

If all of the “methods” listed above seem to have no effect, start ignoring it. I know, it’s childish but for great ills, great remedies! Immaturity can only be fought with blows of immaturity.

If you have the feeling of not moving forward, of not being able to communicate with him, erase him from your life and no longer even bother to respond to his requests. And above all, do not feel any guilt!

You tried everything, he was not receptive and it’s too bad for him! If he doesn’t respect you enough to treat you the way you need to, you don’t have to keep trying to figure it out.

Let this type of situation serve you as a lesson

If this kind of experience is painful, it offers the opportunity to learn and learn from our “mistakes”.

Keep in mind the sufferings experienced throughout this relationship. Let them keep you from falling back into it again. That they never let you go out with this type of man, ever.

Move on: move on!

Living a relationship like this never leaves us unscathed. But we recover from everything. However, don’t fall into the trap of questioning yourself and wondering if you should have acted differently.

No, nothing is your fault. You did your best and stayed true to yourself. It is the most important. Have no regrets and go ahead.

No one deserves to be in a relationship with someone who makes no effort. Life is too short to live this way.