Does being in love make you gain weight?

After the excitement of the first days of the relationship, the anguish that twists our stomachs, we go to restaurants, parties and we inevitably get fat. We explain why.

At the start of a relationship, you take care of yourself, you play sports to maintain your body, and seduce your other half. We feel ourselves growing wings, we want to move mountains.

Not to mention that the lump in the stomach of the first dates knots our stomachs and prevents us from swallowing anything …

So why does being in love make you fat? Quite simply because we feel good, we like to concoct little dishes for his darling, that he adores making us discover new restaurants.

And then, we like to sit on the sofa huddled together, drinking beers and eating pizzas. Obviously, the pounds are climbing at full speed.

Another reason that we put on weight when we are in a relationship is that we adapt to the quantities of our boyfriend. It is tightened three times and we do the same. This phenomenon is unconscious.

We let go.

We take our man for granted and we have the impression that we no longer have to make efforts to please him. Big mistake! Because seduction is maintained over the years.

To limit the damage…

We train our partners to eat healthy.

We show our darling what it means to eat balanced. We eliminate fatty food that harms our waistlines … and his!

We get into the sport.

However, being in love in rare cases allows you to lose weight. This happens when one of the partners is on a diet or is very athletic. We see him eating a balanced diet, so we do the same. It trains us to play sports and therefore, inevitably, we lose a few pounds.

So, it’s time to find an activity to do as a couple! Together, you will be able to exercise, let off steam, laugh, and share great moments.

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