Does love at first sight exist?

Crazy love from the first glance, instant passion, we all dream of it. But can we really fall in love without knowing anything about the other? What does love at first sight really represent? Can it turn into a lasting relationship? We take stock of this emotional shock.

It seems that love falls on us when we least expect it. Butterflies in the belly, big smile, lump in the belly … So many symptoms that we immediately feel when we see the person when we have a thunderbolt.

Ounce; Don’t wait for love, at first sight, find it!

Yet we know absolutely nothing about her. But we are convinced of it, our little inner voice tells us that it is him or her. We do not control our feelings, the other obsesses us.

The chemistry of love

To the question “does love at first sight exist?”, Our answer is clear: obviously yes! Otherwise, why would this mystery generate so much ink and inspire so many film scripts?

Digital love at first sight

This is all the more true nowadays in the internet age. Dating sites are more and more numerous and sophisticated. It is of course necessary to know how to sort in these “supermarkets” of love. Some applications like Once offer you to get out of this industrial mode of consumption of love by selecting one person per day for you.

The person presented to you is specially chosen, by humans who will know, better than robots, to suggest the person most likely to trigger your love at first sight.

Love, at first sight, is scientific

It is often thought that love, at first sight, comes from the heart. In fact, it comes from the brain which controls all of our emotions and sensations. The body responds by producing hormones for happiness: dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin.

Love, at first sight, is therefore created by the brain. So yes, love, at first sight, exists but Cupid who pierces our hearts with his arrows of love, so it is definitely a legend …