Does your relationship have a future?

When a relationship crumbles and one of the couple loses the passion they started with, you have to be brave and learn to let them go, where we can’t be happy.

Are you really with the right person? Why is your relationship deadlocked?

Relationships can wear down for a number of reasons. But, most of the time, we don’t dare to make the right decisions and it can be problematic.

We may already know that our relationship has no future, but we prefer to stay in denial.

However, continuing in a situation like this can be devastating, for both members of the couple.

Learn to spot the signals that tell you it’s time to put an end to this chapter in your life.

1. You constantly feel that something is wrong in your relationship.

It is a sensation which produces in us a kind of general malaise. We know something is wrong, but we prefer not to investigate the subject because we are afraid.

This feeling can arise when you realize that your partner is not as genuine as they should be with you.

In other circumstances, it can be caused by ongoing conflicts that make you realize that your relationship is not working well.

It is not a question of making the other feel guilty in this case, but of being sincere and of trying to find a solution so that the well-being and harmony can return to the couple.

Being with someone by default isn’t the best of times.

2. You constantly demonstrate your courage

When a relationship has no future, one of the members of the couple usually begins to feel guilty because, even if they have given everything, they are not getting anything.

It is at this precise moment that we must open our eyes.

Sometimes we try to demonstrate how important the relationship is to us, whatever we would be willing to do to keep it alive… But, how is your partner acting?

If you are the only person to pull the couple up, to put in some effort when things are bad, your relationship cannot move forward.

When one partner does everything in their power, while the other lets the relationship break down, the real problems will start to emerge.

3. Your intimate life is unsatisfactory

It may seem superficial to you. However, the quality of your s**x life is an excellent indicator of the health of your relationship.

Maybe you want to try new things, you do everything to try to rekindle the flame of love.

However, rekindling the passion is a two-way street. A flame cannot be alive if one member blows on it, while the other does everything to protect it.

It is possible that your couple’s conflicts can affect your s**x life. Whether you like it or not, they are present in your mind and prevent you from having a normal life.

That is why it is always necessary to talk about things. Don’t bury your problems in the hope that they will go away, because they will always come up in some way or another.

4. You are no longer the same person

Do you feel lost on the path to life? Do you feel that you are not the person you once were? All of this tells you that your relationship is now a thing of the past.

You have become a stranger to yourself as well.

You might think that you feel this way because your partner doesn’t treat you the same way anymore. But you have to ask yourself if you are treating yourself the way you deserve.

You have certainly left out everything that motivates you and makes you happy. You forgot everything that made you feel unique and alive.

If you feel well, it is time to take a distance to become the person you were, to reconnect with your true personality.

There is only one person who will always be by your side. And that person is you.

The idea of ​​ending a relationship makes us necessarily sad, especially if it has experienced moments of happiness and joy. But when we feel lost and confused, we need to take action.

When the going gets tough, when you don’t know who you are anymore, when arguments become your daily bread, you need to change things.

Ignoring the problems, not facing them, and hoping for a solution to present itself is a waste of time.

When your relationship doesn’t have a future, now is the perfect time to turn things around.