Dream partner: 9 strategies to find the perfect person for you

Well-trained body, perfectly styled appearance, and beautiful eyes – are these the attributes a dream partner should bring? No, the partner of choice must convince with social competence and empathy. Most singles, in fact, don’t pay attention primarily to outward appearances.

But these traits cannot be identified at first sight. The question arises: How do you find your dream partner? And what should you watch out for? The following ten tips will increase your chances of success.

1. Present your strengths and talents

Be brave and put your strengths first in the getting-to-know-him phase. What sets you apart – Humor is a quality you use on a first date, for example, it definitely leaves a good impression. Are you the type of person who jumps into life spontaneously, optimistically, and full of zest for action?

Show this when choosing the location for your first date! Or are your strengths more in creating balance and harmony? Are there any other talents your dream partner should know about? Do you have musical or artistic talent? Emphasize your positive features clearly and put your weaknesses in the background. Analyze your counterpart’s reaction to your special abilities and find out if you are moving closer to his ideal.

2. Share your interests with your dream partner

Connect common points. And it comes up very quickly through hobbies and interests. What are your passions outside of your day job? Sports, music, sightseeing, theater, parties, cooking, and all kinds of leisure activities are always good starting points for the right partner with similar interests.

3. Formulate your values ​​and desires

Being able to clearly articulate your values ​​and desires regarding a relationship increases the chances of finding the right relationship. Bring your three most important traits before your eyes and name them. So you’ve set a tangible goal and don’t lose focus on the essentials. The positive side effect of this: you stay true to yourself.

4. Leave the past behind

If you’re still stuck with your ex or the breakup isn’t over for good, then potential candidates will have a hard time getting into your life. While the past still has a say in partner choice, the vision of the dream partner remains unclear. This often leads to the fact that you get rejection because unexplained relationships are not a good basis for a relationship. Only when you learn to let go will your gaze be fresh again and free for a new relationship after the breakup.

5. Be demanding but realistic

Even if you’ve already had negative experiences and therefore have a disillusioned view of true love, you must stick to your affirmations and be realistic. If you bend too far or have to make too many concessions, the question arises as to whether the ideal partner for you is really in front of you. At the same time, you should not pursue any overly granular ideals of the man or woman of your dreams. Inaccessibility ensures that your dream partner will remain just a dream.

6. Be Open and Attentive

Those who go through life with blinkers don’t have a particularly good chance of finding the perfect partner. If you’re looking, you should train yourself to be open and on the lookout for signs of flirting wherever you are. Opportunities lurk around every corner. Put your antennae on the front desk on a daily basis to attract your dream partner. This increases the chance of “unexpectedly” finding what you are looking for.

7. Show self-motivation and be brave

Even if you are more of a shy woman or a shy man, the initiative is always needed. Motivate yourself to step out of your comfort zone and take bold steps. If you keep turning in circles in your ingrained patterns, change in your life will rarely happen. Dare to break out of infinite loops. That’s the only way to be successful in finding a dream partner.

8. Stay relaxed while looking for the ideal partner

You cannot force yourself to find the right partner. If you doggedly try, this can also be reflected in your charisma. Instead of getting tense, you should have fun and relax. If you want to attract the partner of your dreams, a relaxed posture gives your appearance more fluidity and ease.

9. Don’t give up hope right away

Relationships can be frustrating, delay initial motivation, and end in disillusionment. But never give up hope and stay tuned! After all, you are looking for the partner of your dreams, and perhaps you still need some obstacles that will clearly confront you with the question of what the woman or man of your dreams should really look like. Maybe someone is looking forward to meeting you on your next date.

Conclusion: with purpose and courage in mind to become a dream partner

Be clear about who or what you want. Be vigilant and you may find yourself breaking new ground if your old ways of finding a partner don’t get you anywhere. Don’t get too fixated on an ideal. A casual, relaxed posture helps you magically attract or find your dream partner – perhaps unexpectedly. Parship can be helpful in your quest and help you finally make your dream partner a reality.