Love is the joy that is at the origin of all creation, it is not a simple feeling, it is the truth expressed by romantic words, an SMS of love can capsize the heart and revive the flame of your love.

Find here romantic love SMS ready to be sent…


SMS of love n°01

Only your smile causes my happiness, a smile overflowing with love, full of warmth. For me you have become a need, a desire, without you my heart I can no longer live.

SMS of love n°02

It’s beautiful to love you, to love you as one loves the sun, I would have liked to write you the most beautiful of poems and build an empire for you, but I can only tell you I love you.

SMS love n°03

Yesterday! I dreamed of you, of me…of the two of us and I felt your hand in mine and my heart was ablaze with the fiercest of fires.

SMS of love n°04

I send you all the pearls of the sky to enlighten your heart, all the flowers of the earth to color your life, and all the songs to tell you that you are an angel.

SMS of love n°05

I searched for the most beautiful words of love, the most beautiful poems, and the most beautiful romantic quotes to tell you I love you, but none of these texts were strong enough to tell you the truth about my feelings for you. I kiss you tenderly. Your darling who loves you madly.

SMS love n°06

Now that we’re together, I can’t live without you, I love you so much, I can do anything for you. Whatever happens, I love you, my love.

SMS of love n°07

There’s a hand I love to hold, a face I love to look at, lips I love to kiss, and a heart I love!! I’m talking about you…

SMS of love n°08

I don’t know where angels live, heaven, earth, or heaven. But what I do know is that an angel is reading this message.

SMS love n°09

If you ever think of the chance to kiss me, know that it’s because of all my thoughts for you.

SMS of love n°10

I love you like I never imagined I would love someone, I love you so much I can’t go a minute without thinking about you. I have only one dream, that of spending my life with you.

SMS of love n°11

I’m going to drown in your eyes and in your arms, I’m off to fly away in a soft and sweet world, I have no doubts about my feelings, my love for you is the greatest.

SMS love n°12

Time stops, and my heart is embellished with sweetness for you, let’s live together for better and for worse, continue to give me happiness. I love you, my dear.

SMS of love n°13

The stars in the sky cry out your name, that smile you can’t forget, those little moments watching you. If you knew how much I miss you, my love!

SMS of love n°14

The truth is deep in your heart, open it for me and you will see how much I love you.