Falling Relationship: 8 Steps to Preserve It

If you feel like your relationship is breaking down and you want to keep it going, then know that self-assessment is the first step to fixing the situation.

All couples experience ups and downs throughout their history. While for some couples mutual understanding improves over time, for others the lack of understanding intensifies. Conflicts over a detail of no real importance then become commonplace. Is this your case? Do you feel like your relationship is falling apart?

With a little patience, tenderness, and willpower, great obstacles can be overcome. In the rest of the article, we reveal the eight steps to saving a relationship that is falling apart.

1. Self-observation, an essential point to preserve a relationship that breaks down

It is impossible to solve a problem without realizing the problem. The first step is therefore to take stock of the situation, and to understand the cause at the origin of the lack of understanding within the couple.

The best place to find the answers to your questions is inside yourself. Analyze your behavior, your tone of voice, your way of showing affection, and most importantly, analyze your feelings.

Keep in mind that if you are not able to take your share of responsibility for conflicts, the situation will not or little change. This is why self-observation is essential. Developing a critical look inside yourself will allow you to show more empathy towards your partner.

2. Dialogue

Problems cannot be solved without communication. And for dialogue to be productive, it is essential to speak in a calm tone. An offensive attitude, blame, and resentment will not help you find common ground and work things out.

Never disrespect your partner: it is essential not to use the word to hurt the other.

3. The space of the other

When two birds fly together all the time, they can end up disturbing each other with their wings. It is essential to respect the other’s space: submitting the other to his control is not healthy.

Respect the solitary time your partner needs, and take time for yourself as well. Do activities separately. This space is necessary to preserve a relationship and to feel the desire to be with the other.

4. Trust, one of the keys to preserving a collapsing relationship

Confidence is one of the fundamental pillars of a couple. Without trust, life together is impossible. But you can’t demand that from the other if you don’t trust them.

If your relationship breaks down, learn to listen, to put yourself in the other’s shoes, to trust. Do not let jealousy set in and, if in doubt, opt for communication under the sign of tenderness and tranquility.

5. S**xual desire

Arguments keep you away from your partner, but also physically. After an argument, neither you nor your partner will want to touch you. There will be no physical contact between you.

This is why it is essential to solve even the smallest problem on the same day. Don’t make the tension last. Find a deal to stop the avalanche of bad thoughts associated with arguments.

S**x is essential because it helps keep the flame burning. Any time is a good time to surprise your partner and make love.

6. Couples therapy

Most couples do not consider couples therapy for fear of what will be said and because vulnerability generally shames us. This wrong way of thinking necessarily leads to failure.

Seeking professional help is sometimes necessary and can bring many benefits to the relationship. So do not hesitate to make the necessary efforts and consult a psychologist to find a solution to the problems left unanswered.

7. A new start, a solution to preserve a relationship that is falling apart

Remember when everything was going well? When did the relationship start to break down? Go back in time to find the factors that caused the relationship to deteriorate.

If you detect these factors with your partner, it will be easier for you to find a solution and to feel tenderness towards your partner again. Do this before it’s too late.

8. Both members must want it

Finally, by way of conclusion, the prerequisite for saving a relationship that is falling apart is this: Both members of the couple must really want to save the relationship.

You have to be honest with yourself and your partner. If it is clear that the relationship cannot work, it is better to accept it and bring it to an end so that there is room for new opportunities.