Female body language when a man likes her: 15 signs to look for

All men have gone through a situation in this way, you know a girl that you like, she is affable, pleasant and very pretty, but you do not know if it is this way always and in all circumstances or if she also likes you, and in front of in doubt, you miss what could be the occasion of your life.

Ever since a man has been a man, he has had to deal with the uncertainty of whether or not a woman likes him.

And most modern men have no idea but a caveman and are used to making mistakes that spoil everything, from confusing affability with flirtation to reacting when it is too late.

We know that the planet would be a considerably easier place if it worked with direct words, with a simple “I like you, you like me, let’s have a drink, have fun and make a few babies plus many tries.”

But bad news: it has never worked this way and maybe it never will. Always and in all circumstances, it has been tried to guess or infer what a woman wants. This is just as frustrating for men as it is for women, but it has to be done.

15 ways to say “I like you” in body language

Unless a girl is overwhelmed, very needy, or impressively despondent, she is going to make it quite difficult for you to win her over, and no wonder.

With so many louts spouting compliments and trying to flirt with them anywhere, women have to know that you are really trying to get something with them and that you really pay attention to them and hence they give you certain clues through their anatomical language.

And since we know that it can be quite difficult to identify them, here we have a list of fifteen gestures with which a woman says loudly that she likes you.

1. Makes eye contact

If she looks into your eyes once or a couple of times it is normal, but 3 or 4 are already a sign that she is interested in you and if she makes eye contact with you more times, you clearly have the green light to proceed.

Another somewhat more subtle way to know if she is interested is to appreciate if she is trying to hide or disguise that she is looking at you. Although if she clearly observes you and is not afraid to hide it, do not waste time and go for her.

2. It is coming

Women have a kind of force field around them called personal space, and anyone who enters without permission is automatically blacklisted.

Be very observant and notice how far the women you interact with every day take, in this way you will know how much personal space a woman takes as a general rule.

If you notice that the girl in question is closer than usual sitting next to you and looking for any excuse to make a talk, she gives you a golden ticket to her personal space, this only does it when someone really likes them.

3. Look for physical contact

It is very akin to the preceding point but more critical. The women-only touch people they like. If he starts to make physical contact with you, it is an unmistakable sign that she likes you.

Be observant of such subtle gestures as he briefly touches your leg, takes you by the arm, puts a hand on your chest while he laughs and things like this, these gestures are not occasional and are a clear sign of interest.

4. Smile more

Nothing says “I like you” better than a long, beautiful smile. A smile means that she is comfortable and at ease, that she has a good time with you.

You should also be observant and appreciate if they smile the same way at other people. If she does, she is just generally cheerful and may not be particularly interested in you. If not, you are clearly the one who makes her smile.

5. She pays attention to you

When you have a conversation with someone, paying attention to them is a basic act of courtesy, and yet you’ve probably seen people pay more attention to their phone than to whoever is in front of them.

If the girl you are interested in does that, you may well abandon the mission and stop wasting your time, but if you pay attention to everything you already affirm, you can be sure that she is interested in you.

Some women even go so far as to feign interest in a topic just to have a chat with the man who is of interest to them.

6. Look at your lips

If she looks at your lips more than once, it is probably due to the fact that she wants to taste them.

I guarantee that she is imagining how they feel and how well you can use them to please her. If he looks at your lips long enough for you to notice, he is saying loudly that he wants to kiss you.

7. Try to make you see her lips

The preceding point brings us to this, the moment a woman thinks of your lips, you will immediately notice if you are an observer, unconsciously she will try to make you notice hers.

Shee pays singular attention to things that might seem inconsequential, if she puts on the second layer of lipstick while still having the first one, bites her lower lip, runs her fingers over her lips, and so on.

The moment she wants you to pay attention to her lips, you already have each and every one of them to win.

8. Raise her eyebrow

It is a rather misleading gesture, but clearly, it will help something worth paying attention to.

We say that it is misleading due to the fact that a raised eyebrow can represent many things and not necessarily that a girl is interested in you, but if this action is accompanied by a smile or a look at your lips, clearly you are interested.

If, on the other hand, the raised eyebrow comes with a grimace of displeasure, it is better that you distance yourself.

9. Arms at the sides

Do you remember what we said about personal space? As long as the girl in question has her arms at her sides, she is letting you get closer since this means openness and a willingness to participate at the moment.

If she takes any stance that puts her elbows behind her log, she is essentially clamoring for you to go out of your way to bind her because she wants something with you.

On the other hand, if she crosses her arms, you better back off a bit, since she is in defensive mode and any attempt to advance is going to make her uncomfortable, and trust me, the last thing we want is to ruin our night.

10. She leans over to you

Seeking physical proximity with someone is very obvious since it involves moving the whole body. Hence, certain girls resort to the subtle trick of bending over to you if they are interested, in this way they can be close to you without taking their feet off the ground or moving seats.

11. Play with her hair

This is something like programming that each and every woman has from birth and it is universally known that the moment a woman plays with her hair, she is flirting without even realizing it. It’s practically in the bible.

Pay attention to small details: if you stroke a lock of hair lengthwise, if you wrap it around your finger, you do it this way.

If she insistently flips her hair back without being precise, try to get you to notice her neck.

Do not despise this gesture, since the fact that a woman shows you her neck means that, if you work your movements well, before the end of the night you will be kissing her there.

No wonder the neck is a highly erogenous part of Japanese culture and being able to see a woman’s neck is an intimate act.

12. Push her chest out

Do you remember what we said about the postures that involve putting your elbows behind the log? This is the next level.

“If you have it, show it off” is something that each and every woman applies when they are interested in a boy.

Women know well that the greatest weakness of men in their breasts, so if they are interested in you, they will try to get your attention by giving you a great view of their attributes.

More careful! Do not stare or lose the thread of the conversation due to the fact that you are going to look like a jerk and the only thing the girl is going to think is going to be the one who continues!

13. Dilated pupils

You will need acceptable lighting and good visual acuity to appreciate this.

Human pupils dilate automatically when something deeply captures a person’s attention.

It is a way in which the brain makes sure to perceive as much information as possible about what it sees, and if the girl’s pupils look larger than normal, it is guaranteed that she is moved about you. Trust us, it’s science.

14. Makes eye-contact

It may seem funny, but it is true. If a woman lowers and raises her eyelids more than necessary, it is to flick her lashes and draw your attention to her eyes.

One way in which a woman manages to do this in a sneaky way is by lowering her gaze (and thus her eyelids) and then looking into your eyes.

15. Up with those palms!

We do not talk about clapping hands up (if a woman does that off the dance floor, it is best to separate), but rather holding her palms face up, even if they are inclined at 45 ° they are a show of openness and willingness to explore touch with you.

A great way to take advantage of this is by gently stroking their palms.

On the contrary, if you hold your hands closed with your palms facing down, perhaps the best thing is to find another league.

Keep in mind that if a woman likes you, you will appreciate multiple of these gestures. One can only be something temporary and clearly more patenting is needed before trying to link it.

And always and in all circumstances remember: women are crazy about attention and they like to be chased and see that you are doing your best. So make sure you don’t make any moves ahead of time. Trust me, he’s going to love seeing you working hard.