First date: 8 signs that you should give him a try

Do we want the same thing? Does he really like me? Will there not be discomfort when we are both? There are many questions that we ask ourselves before going to a date. To stop hesitating, here are the 8 signs that show that your relationship is likely to flourish.

Are you chatting with a man on a dating site ? A colleague has just invited you to go for a drink? Your neighbor next door offered you an appointment? You may be hesitant to go, afraid that it will be a complete fiasco. But sometimes you have to trust your instinct and consider that this connection turns into a feeling of love. To reassure you, here are the 8 signs that show that you should get started.

1- You are excited when he speaks or writes to you

Butterflies in the belly? It’s a good sign. And if you smile every time you receive a message from him or see it, it is definitely positive. Being nervous is a good thing, it does not always mean that something bad will happen but more simply that you are excited and that it does not leave you indifferent.

Since we don’t have total control over our bodies, he likes to let a few clues show through to guide you in the right direction. So when he talks to you, trust him.

2- He makes you laugh

It seems obvious, having a similar sense of humor is a real sign of compatibility and helps us to be in symbiosis. It is also important that your conversations are fluid and that you are on the same page. If you feel when you’re chatting about an embarrassment and you don’t know what to say to it, then you might be better off ruling out the idea of ​​a tête-à-tête. It is not always very romantic to look at yourself in the white of your eyes for hours.

3- You are comfortable with the rhythm it offers

He’s not trying to rush you, isn’t putting pressure on you to spend some time together texting you every hour. On the other hand, it does not make you languish and is not lazy in its responses.

If things don’t go too fast or too slowly, the future of your relationship looks bright.

4- He flirts with you but without doing too much

A little flirt has settled between you, a few insistent looks when you meet, teasing every time you chat. Maybe this game of seduction will turn into a beautiful love story. On the other hand, if it is too insistent to the point of becoming heavy, it is better to put an end to it. Nothing is more unpleasant than being uncomfortable.

5- You have the same idea of ​​the ideal weekend

It is not necessary to have absolutely everything in common to be compatible . On the other hand, knowing what the person’s ideal weekend is can give you a good clue about the connection you have. If you ever enjoy doing the same activities, chances are you will get along well.

6- He is really interested in you

Nothing is worse than superficial compliments galore without the slightest question of substance to get to know you. Knowing that the man who is dating you is physically attractive is important but not enough. If he wants to know more about you, compliments you on your personality, your tastes or your passions, then that means that he is really interested.

He questions you about your hobbies, your childhood, your family, so go for it. It is a sign that shows that he is not interested in a night out but a romantic relationship. Whoever just tells you how beautiful and well-rounded you are is probably not for you.

7- He is conciliatory

If he tries to find a place close to you and a time that fits your schedule, that means that in general, he takes into account the factors that do not depend on him. While you are hesitant to find him, he is trying to figure out how to fix yourself and not encroach on your other commitments too much. Maybe you should give him a chance.

8- He only asks for a chance

If you recognize yourself in the signs mentioned, what are you waiting for? Because if it is not your masculine ideal, it may well surprise you. By dint of confining yourself to this idea that the man in your life must fill a precise list of criteria, you may be missing pretty meetings. Alchemy cannot always develop at first sight, it takes time and some effort. Finally, apart from an evening, you will not lose much by going to this appointment that scares you so much. On the contrary, you may be surprised by the many qualities of this person and regret not having taken it into account earlier.