First date: what not to say

That’s it, tonight, you have a date with the man who has been making you fantasize for several weeks. All excited, you have only one desire: to ask him lots of questions to identify him and know how far your romance can go. Stop there! Better to take it easy, and especially avoid talking about what follows.

I never have any luck in love …

He doesn’t need to know that it’s always you who gets dumped and that you can’t make a relationship last longer than a fortnight. You scare men away, it’s a reality. But if you want a chance to keep this one for a bit, please don’t tell him about your chaotic romantic past!

Do you want to marry? And start a family?

Obviously, this subject will have to be addressed one day or another. But on the first date, it’s far too early! You will pass for a desperate woman who is not really interested in the man she has in front of her since she has only one goal: to settle down as quickly as possible, with any who.

What is your salary?

Never ask it so brutally on a first date! Better to play it finely. Ask him questions about his job, what he does every day, what his responsibilities are. The more he sees that you are really interested in what he is doing, the more he will naturally be led to confide. And you will probably have the answer to your question …

I have unusual s**xual practices

Again, this is the best way to scare him! Don’t tell her that you’ve slept with a hundred guys, that you’ve tried threesomes and that you’re not against swinging. Unless you want him to flee immediately …

I take pills

What next? Telling a man that you are seeing a shrink and that you are on anxiolytics on the first date makes you sound like a woman who feels bad about herself. However, even if you have a few minor concerns to sort out, men want to see a woman good in her head and in her body at first glance.

Are you interested in astrology?  

Don’t want to start calculating your ascendant while you’re at it? Even if you are dying to ask him for his sign to see if you are compatible, resist! Ask him earlier what month it is, it will go better …