First date: what women want

A survey sought to observe the expectations of women during a first dating. Location, behavior, physical characteristics: everything goes there. Conclusion for these gentlemen: to seduce, it is better to offer a cultural outing than a drink in a bar.

The question teases the males before each first date : but what the hell are women waiting for on a first date ? The dating site conducted a survey, asking 1,000 people about their practices and expectations, just to clear things up .

Gentlemen, prefer the museum to the bistro

Did you think of offering an appointment in a small neighborhood bar, like 24% of the men surveyed? Forget. The pub is not among the top 3 dates accepted by women of all ages. Prefer a cultural outing , a favorite activity of the women interviewed, in front of the live show or the restaurant . Note however that it all depends on the age group of your beautiful: between 18 and 24 years old , they will be more inclined to go for a drink. The 25-34 age group , the 35-44 and 55+ prefer a cultural outing, while the 45-54 will be more tempted by a show.

When the time comes to get your hands on the wallet

The gallantry has beautiful hours before her . When paying for the bill, entrance tickets or show tickets, 51% of women want to be invited . Which is pretty good since that’s what 46% of men plan to do. Fans of fifty-fifty are close behind: 43% of women and 45% of men want to cut the pear in half and share. Which still leaves 9% of men waiting to be invited to a first date …

Brown, 1.80m, short hair, blue eyes…

“The physical does not count” replied the respondents in choir: they were in the majority to answer that a physical attribute did not matter . However, trends emerge despite everything from some who have given their opinion. 13.5% of them therefore prefer brown hair , and short haircuts win 30% of the vote. For some, size matters : 33% of respondents like men who are between 1.70m and 1.80m. Not surprisingly, they prefer a man to a healthy lifestyle : 28.9% prefer non-smokers and 38.2% expect their man to drink only occasionally, and fortunately.