Five phrases to never say to your wife

Living as a couple is not easy, especially when you are married and now live together. It is the moment to discover the imperfections of the other, we sometimes realize that we were wrong on certain subjects. But as the experts in the field say, romantic relationships are about compromises and concessions.

If you want to see your marriage grow older, you need to spare some effort. There are men who have the art of hurting nothing except with words. Either because they are angry or because they like to belittle the woman in her nature.

These are attitudes to be banned in the couple, never say these expressions to your wife

1- do what you want

You are in the middle of discussions, your wife takes the trouble to open up to you by exposing you to a problem and everything you can think of to say to her “do what you want”. These are frustrating comments that can make her withdraw into herself and seek advice elsewhere.

2- you have become too fat

Even if it’s true, find a soft, more tender way to call it out.

3- If it’s to spend money, you’re a champion

Nobody wants the life of unemployment but a woman who takes care of the children, the house, the kitchen, etc… all day long deserves a little recognition from you gentlemen.

4- The baby is crying

She is very caring all day long, it’s up to you to help her during the night even if it’s just 1 hour long.

5- you shut up

Remember that it is your wife, not your housekeeper, and try to be conciliatory.