free activities for couples

free activities for couples?

It is not always easy to find ideas for activities to do as a couple on weekends, on vacation … when you do not have much money. Interesting activities do not run the streets. However, there are some cool and free activities to do as a couple.
To help you, you will find here a nice list of things to do indoors or outdoors as a couple and above all … for free!

– Become a volunteer in an association that is close to your heart
– Learn a new language by watching videos on the internet and borrowing books from the library.
– Do a film or series marathon
– Carry out a photo session outside or at home
– Celebrate an “international day of …”. Go to the World Days website: and celebrate the nearest party by organizing a couple evening on this theme
– Play a game: board game, question / answer, action / truth …
– Picnic in a park
– Go see a free concert.
– Walk in the woods, by the river, at the beach …
– Go on a pilgrimage to the place of your meeting.
– Go see a sunset
– Pedicure / manicure evening (well, even men have the right to have beautiful nails!)
– Borrow a film or a book from the library
– Organize a theme party at home : a color, a special celebration, tastings ….
– Find a tradition of couple, which you can perpetuate every year!
– Karaoke with Youtube videos
– Meditation or yoga session on the living room carpet
– Geocaching. Download a free geocaching application on your phone and discover the caches near you!
– Go camping in the living room. Bring plaids, pillows, cushions, mattresses … and transform your living room into a campsite for the night!
– Create a list of projects you would like to do as a couple
– Organize a water fight, pillows, snowballs …
– Create a DIY decor with recycled materials
– Create a playlist related to your relationship (your meeting, your song, your story …)
– Massage each other
– Take a walk in the forest or in a park
– Go admire the stars, a sunrise, a sunset …
– Romantic evening without electricity (candles and torches allowed!)
– Video games evening
– Cooking together an original meal
– Romantic evening: picnic on the living room carpet, soft music, hugs, massages …
– Pick up mushrooms, chestnuts, wild flowers …