Gentlemen, here are some techniques to be perfect on a first date

A first date is a bit like a gift.
We are delighted when we receive it. Especially since a first date does not happen on its own: you have to go get it.
But we are also a little worried. Because you never know what to expect.
And no matter how long you’ve been familiar with celibacy and dating, dating someone for the first time is exactly what it is: a first.
It could be the first date of many others. Or the first and the last.
Of course, it may very well be that things don’t fit between you.
However, it is up to you to do what is necessary to make this very first date as successful as possible. It’s the best way there is a second. And even if you don’t, at least you will have had a great time.
Here are some techniques to be perfect on a first date.


You invited. It is therefore up to you to lead the dance, organize the meeting and propose a program and an activity.
A woman will appreciate that a man knows how to show initiative, is able to anticipate and is not afraid to take the initiative.

So don’t start the date by asking her what she wants to do or what restaurant she wants to eat.
You must prepare and organize this first meeting .


There are of course the great classics: have a drink in a bar, eat in a restaurant. This should not prevent you from showing originality in the choice of the establishment.
You can and should mix these classics with a fun or original activity.
The main thing is that you have a good time together. In addition to making a little more knowledge.
You can thus offer a one-to-one activity that changes usual things, an original place to visit or a more… sporting activity.
Once, I tried to go karting. At first intimidated, my guest loved it. And the evening was very nice. Of course, I knew karting, the track, the conditions, …
Which brings me to this point: it might be a first date, but that doesn’t mean this activity has to be a first too. At least for you. And all the more so if the activity is a little “risky”.


I know, you want to seduce her. So you present yourself in your best light.
She also elsewhere. It’s the game.
However, the best person you can be is yourself.
Impersonating someone else on a first date is a great way to not make the most of the moment. It’s also a great way to mess up and break the emerging trust and bond between you.
And then, if the story has to go any further, as much as it is on a sound and honest basis rather than on lies and pretenses.


To be shabby or to have a little bit of the wing, during an evening with friends or with a friend, there is no problem. Many of us have done so. As long as it does not degenerate…
But for a first date, it is better to play the card of sobriety. Take responsibility for all your words and actions rather than acting weird and embarrassed.


I imagine you are like a lot of people: you have your fair share of worries and
But the essential point of a first date being to have a good time, the ideal is to
leave them at your place. Anyway, they will be waiting for you very nicely 🙂
If that reassures you, your guest probably has her share too. But aren’t you planning on dating to feel sorry for yourself? So don’t talk about it.


Do not think that talking endlessly and put you ahead is the best way to impress and seduce.
This is especially the best way to get drunk and drive her away.
Maybe you’re the type to believe that you are the best in many fields and you love everything revolves around you. But sound pretentious, even a little, can leave a bad impression to your potential partner.
An appointment involves two people for a reason.
So do be nice and let it shine too.
Be interested in it, do the talking, ask him questions and bounce on what she says.
You share and the speaking time, the conversation is dynamic and no one is bored.


This is something we often overlook or avoid during the first appointment.
The risk is to spend a good evening friends and not / not be considered a
s**xual partner.
In addition, a woman likes to feel attractive and desired.
So show him that please.
Use the methods that suit you: be tactile, have supported the looks, verbalize your interest with humor, talk about diffrent things… But do not stay in too platonic atmosphere.
Conversely, do not make too much and do not be pushy. Adapt to the woman in front of you, what it said and done, the mood and your feelings.


You are tense? I understand. I myself was.
However, you should not.
Do not forget that all this is and should be fun. At worst, you will not see her again. Too bad. But there is no death of a man.
So be sure to have a good time. It’s always better than nothing. And it’s still the best way to see her again.


You know some techniques to address and peacefully manage your first appointment in love. You just have to make good use 🙂
But if essential should be put forward, it would be this: have a good time.
If you are having a good time, she will have a good time. And the result will be even more enjoyable.