Get Your Ex Back: How to Get Your Love Back

Suddenly, it was all over. All those beautiful years of love, physical affection, and absolute trust ended in affection. Especially when a partnership ends suddenly, it’s only understandable that you want to win your ex back. After all, you still want to keep a long and happy future. Patience is key to getting your ex back, but your dream is not doomed. We want to explain where your feelings come from and what your chances are.

Tips to win back your ex-partner

the brain forgives

When you’re done, there are reasons. Not everything was perfect sunshine, but the brain sees it differently. Negative memories fade and positive memories are idealized. This phenomenon does not only affect previous relationships. Most people tell a lot of funny anecdotes from their school days, and they certainly weren’t all fun either. But the brain quickly forgives and so does the ex-partner…

Humans are creatures of habit

All the flirting, doubting, searching, discovering, and failing. Do you really have to do this to yourself again? Body and mind have a critical view of this! Many attempts to flirt with new singles fail because they compare each potential new love with the old one. Consciousness often whispers “It was much nicer back then, with the previous partner”

How to win back your ex

It’s not a phase. You are sure: you want your ex-partner again! That might work. We will tell you the best strategies to get your ex back. However, this is a very demanding project. It also depends on the circumstances in which the relationship ended. There are three exemplary situations:

You got dumped and you want your ex  back

It means that the other has taken control of you. This has to end if you really want your ex back.

  1. Get out of the victim role!
    You can win back your ex-partner if you get over your lack of love and don’t chase after your hurt ex-partner. Even if you want to, this is the wrong way to go.
  2. Dive!
    First, there must be absolute blocking of contacts. Make yourself scarce. If you call or text daily, your ex will never get into the state of missing you. But that’s what it’s about. Ghosting should take a few weeks. It’s a good “reconquest” strategy. Contact can only be resumed when the other person is looking for it. So you also know he missed you.
  3. Do not worry!
    There is contact again because the ex contacted me again. Make the exchange friendly but informal. You can’t give the first impression that you’re yearning for a love turn. You have to remain strong and independent. If there’s a chance encounter, you shouldn’t get carried away with ecstasy, but say goodbye first if possible. “You, it was good, but sorry, I still have plans…”

You broke up  and want to win your ex back

Everyone makes mistakes. And yours was the end of the relationship. Do you know? But the ex-partner is obviously injured. You can still convince him that a new life is worthwhile after the breakup:

  1. Tip to get your Ex back: Only those who let go get it back! Put yourself in the abandoned position. He doesn’t want to hear every day that you – how sweet! – changed his mind. Confess the stages of homesickness to help you deal with the breakup.
  2. Work on you!
    “My ex-partner, it can be stolen from me!” That’s probably what your ex-partner thinks about you right now. So make sure that next time you present yourself as a “new you” that the other person can fall in love with all over again. New clothes? New hairstyle? New hobbies? It might work! But: Don’t give the free climber if you are afraid of heights! It has to be authentic. If you want to win back your ex-husband, you shouldn’t act it out.
  3. Use social media for your benefit!
    Go – after a reasonable period of shame for a few weeks – on the offensive if you want your ex back. A nice birthday greeting via Facebook or a short flirt via Whatsapp – that’s fine. Daily posts with heart emojis – not ok! If you’re not friends with your ex, but happen to find mutual friends: Talk about them positively. Because the news will surely spread.

Recover Ex-Partners After “Amicable” Separation

You finished, yes. But no knives were thrown at each other. Maybe it was a separation despite love. You can’t and don’t want to forget about your ex! With these “win back” tips, you can do it!

  1. Reinvent yourself!
    Something was wrong. And not just maybe, but certainly in you too. So: analyze yourself: what motivated your ex-partner, who you want to win back, to break up? If you find a flaw in yourself – try to fix it! Reinvent yourself. Not bending or breaking, but in an authentic setting. Don’t just hang out with old mutual friends, try new things. Become interesting and desirable again.
  2. Win back ex? Self-pity, goodbye!
    Why am I single now? As of today, self-pity is a strange word for you! Enjoy your life and the joys of being single. When you are at peace with yourself, you can suggest a date. When that happens and you are balanced, you also radiate that outwards. You are attractive. This is an essential tip to get your ex back.
  3. Stay true to your line!
    Sometimes you can roll your ex-partner’s neck and then desperately crave him again. You better keep those feelings to yourself! You don’t share this with mutual friends or your ex. Choose your “win back” strategy and stick to it. Even if it is difficult and painful. After all, who would want an emotional flag in the wind?

Conclusion: this is how you win back your ex-partner!

Getting Ex-Partner Back – That’s What More Separated People Want Than You Think. But this works relatively rarely. It’s still possible. Because the inner crisis after the breakup gives you a chance to reflect and improve. When you’ve “optimized” yourself, you can appear desirable and attractive again to your ex-partner.

However, you should avoid getting too rigid in this dream. In the whole experience, getting your ex back is rarely accompanied by a happy ending and hardly allows you to end the old relationship. In the long run, it’s healthier for you to start a new chapter in your life.

It’s hard, but sometimes the only thing that helps is insight: winning over your ex-boyfriend despite having a new girlfriend, for example, is not a good idea. When he has a new partner by his side, he seems to be very distant from you emotionally.

Also, it makes sense to act as an opponent for her – she might do the least for the situation you and your ex-partner are stuck in. So be careful not to drag others into your emotional life, and in the worst case, completely forget about yourself. Your chances of ending up back with your ex are slim.