Getting back together with an ex creates more problems than benefits?

Many of us have already thought about getting back together with an ex. But is it really a good idea?

Have you ever imagined getting back with your ex so you don’t step out of your comfort zone? Do you know that it can cause you to miss out on much more rewarding relationships?

Couples relationships go through differences that can lead to an imminent breakup. But sometimes, after that, one of the partners may offer to try again.

Is it good to get back together with an ex?

What is certain is that it all depends on the circumstances that led to the breakdown of the relationship but also the reasons that push us to try again.

For example, doing it because we feel alone is not a valid reason.

What are the reasons that lead you to return with an ex?

One of the reasons why we break up with our partner is the lack of maturity and a series of “silly” differences that we have not been able to manage.

Also, getting back with an ex can be an option in these cases, in order to give ourselves a new chance and to solve what we had not been able to do before.

Other times the situation is more complicated. We are referring to the issues of lying and infidelity that arose during the relationship.

In these cases, tenderness and the fact of knowing how to forgive are very influential. We want to give our partner another chance, but we have to do it without having any resentment within us.

In which case, getting back with your ex could be a disastrous experience.

Sometimes we decide to try again because there are children. We think it’s worth the effort, but you must be willing to do it. Don’t just do it for your kids, do it for you too.

Many couples decide to get back together to avoid thinking about “what if …”. Whether it is going well or badly, at least you will have no more doubts.

If you want to get back together with your ex, go for it! There is a lot of positive in all of this. You already know him/her, you will be more united, you will have shared the experience of overcoming a bad patch …

However, make sure that it is not a step back, but a step forward.

The disadvantages of getting back together with an ex

  1. Nothing is the same

Suppose there was infidelity in the middle and the trust was damaged. It is impossible for everything to be as before.

No matter how hard you try on both sides, you have good intentions, there is a very deep wound.

Trying will then be a constant struggle against expectations that will never happen. Nothing will be the same again, and you have to ask yourself if you want to be in this new situation.

2. It keeps you from growing

By coming back with your ex, you’ve taken a big step backwards. You have tried and tried again and you know it is impossible to move forward. However, you want to keep pushing.

It keeps you from getting to know new people. You close doors as you cling to a relationship rooted in the past. Maybe you are afraid to step out of your comfort zone, maybe you are afraid of being alone.

3. Pain can be worse

Relationships in couples wear down because of conflicts, problems, and whatever else we don’t face for fear of losing everything.

Forgiving too much, keeping trying when you should let it go can breed resentment and anger, in addition to great sadness.

4. Watch out for addiction

Sometimes we come back with our ex because we have low self-esteem and this has generated some addiction.

This means that without a partner we feel incomplete, and until we find another person to start a relationship with, we bond with the one we already have.

Addiction doesn’t just undermine relationships, but people too.

Getting back together with an ex is a decision that needs to be thought through and thought through. It is not easy because the problems that led to the breakup influence a lot.

But if you are sure of yourself, that you don’t have any resentment, that you don’t want to “give him back his money”, or just try again because you are afraid of being alone, go. y …

Getting back together with an ex can be one of the best decisions of your life to realize that this is the person you really want to spend the rest of your life with.