Good Morning Texts: Do Guys Appreciate Them? (With Examples)

Good morning texts have become increasingly popular in modern dating culture. They are a simple way to show someone that they are on your mind, and they can make a significant impact on a relationship. But do guys appreciate good morning texts? The answer is yes, they do. In fact, many guys love receiving them. Here are some reasons why:

  1. It shows that you are thinking of them When you send a good morning text, it shows that you woke up thinking about the person. This can make them feel special and appreciated, knowing that they are on your mind even before you start your day.
  2. It sets a positive tone for the day Starting the day off with a positive message can set the tone for the entire day. A good morning text can be a source of motivation and inspiration for the person receiving it, leading to a more positive and productive day.
  3. It can strengthen the relationship Sending a good morning text can show that you are invested in the relationship and care about the person. It can be a small gesture, but it can go a long way in strengthening the bond between two people.

Now that we’ve established that guys do appreciate good morning texts, here are some examples of what you can send:

  1. “Good morning, handsome. I hope you have a great day today.”
  2. “Rise and shine, my love. I can’t wait to see you later.”
  3. “Wishing you a day full of happiness and success. Good morning!”
  4. “Good morning, my favorite person. I hope your day is as amazing as you are.”
  5. “Just wanted to say good morning and let you know that I’m thinking of you.”
  6. “Good morning, my knight in shining armor. Can’t wait to spend the day with you.”
  7. “Sending you positive vibes for a great day ahead. Good morning!”
  8. “Good morning, my sweet prince. I hope your day is filled with love and joy.”
  9. “Rise and shine, my dear. Today is a new day full of endless possibilities.”
  10. “Good morning, my love. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are to me.”

In conclusion, good morning texts can be a meaningful and appreciated gesture in a relationship. They can show that you are invested in the person and care about their well-being. So, don’t hesitate to send a good morning text to the guy you’re interested in. It could be the start of a beautiful day and a stronger bond between the two of you.