Good news, working a lot does not harm the life of a couple

Good news, contrary to popular belief, couples who have a busy professional life would be just as happy, or even much more fulfilled than those who do less. We explain to you why.

While many French people claim that their work would significantly harm their relationship , a brand new study on the subject could well undermine this widely held theory. Published in the scientific journal Humain Relations , it would tend to show that the more time you spend at work, the more likely you are to have a successful private life .

To arrive at such conclusions, Professor Dana Zunger and his team looked at the case of 285 couples whose members all work in academia. A demanding sector in the United States, where employees are often subjected to busy schedules.

Less waiting and more time sharing

And the results were not delayed! While they certainly thought they heard these hardworking couples complaining about the short time shared together, it was just the opposite.

After six months of observation under a magnifying glass and a questionnaire filled out by these voluntary guinea pigs, the scientists finally realized that having ministerial schedules could perfectly agree with a happy and fulfilled couple’s life .

“Our study aims to make people who work a lot understand that they do not have to choose between their schedules and their married life and that their problems, when they exist, can also come from elsewhere.”

In fact, the more you work, the less time you have to spend and the more you decide to spend it with your loved one. Because they know that their job occupies them particularly, these couples ultimately have little expectations regarding the free time they have. And it is therefore quite natural that they decide to take advantage of their relationship as soon as the opportunity arises . Less demanding, they are also less inclined to set hard-to-reach goals and are therefore rarely disappointed with the way their love story unfolds:

“There is absolutely no association between working time and the satisfaction we derive from our couple relationship. Our experience goes against preconceived ideas”.

Obviously, this study only concerns a limited number of participants in a very specific professional branch and a given country. It is therefore not a question of generalizing, but rather of being inspired by their ability to take advantage of each moment and to be grateful for the time spent together.