happy couple: 10 secret for a love that lasts

They can be 30 or 75 years old, match well or not, be together for a month or a year, we always recognize happy couples.

How do they stay in love, for better or for worse? Fortunately, the answer has nothing to do with fate or luck.

No, these couples only understood the importance of the “duties” that fall on the two members of a romantic relationship. In reality, these duties are the secrets of a happy couple.

I imagine that, if you are there, it is because you want to know them? Here they are!

1. Happy couple: realize the reality of a long-term relationship

You have to admit, if you have been in a relationship for a while, the unreasoned passion of the beginnings must surely have run out of steam.

It’s a richer, deeper, but still passionate relationship that has taken its place.

A long-term relationship necessarily has its ups and downs.

If you hope everything will be rosy all the time, you may be disappointed.

It is precisely by realizing this reality that you can ensure the longevity of your couple.

2. Happy couple: work on your relationship

An unmaintained garden is quickly overgrown with weeds.

These can ultimately overcome the most robust of plants. The same goes for romantic relationships.

This is why it is crucial to resolve your problems and misunderstandings as quickly as possible.

For a relationship to last, you have to work on it, and it starts with communication.

If you neglect this essential point, you will run into disaster.

3. Happy couple: spend time together

There is no such thing to bond a couple as the moments spent in two.

If you make it a point to spend time together, away from children, friends, pets, and other interruptions, you will create a protective cocoon that will protect you from the difficulties that sometimes arise in a union.

Obviously, when I talk about spending time with your companion, I don’t mean watching TV, slouching on the couch, but rather doing activities for two, doing things you enjoy doing!

4. Happy couple: give yourself opportunities to let yourself breathe

This advice may seem rather paradoxical since it goes against our previous advice.

However, the key to a happy couple is also to know how to spare time each on their own.

It is essential, for the good health of your couple, to keep different centers of interests and activities.

Why? First of all, because it allows you to go home with lots of new experiences to tell your companion.

But also because it will give you time to miss each other. This lack is one of the essential ingredients of a happy couple.

5. Happy couple: take advantage of your differences

Differences in perspective can sometimes lead to conflict.

However, when we take the time to think about it and ask ourselves the question of what attracted us the most to our partner when we started out, I am willing to bet that you will answer like me: exactly what exceeds you today ‘hui.

Take a step back and take a fresh look at your differences.

Try to focus on the positive, take advantage of those things that make you two separate things.

6. Happy couple: don’t expect your partner to change

If you and your partner abandon the idea of ​​changing each other, you will eliminate the origin of most of your arguments.

But, at the same time, you will both have to make an effort to meet the expectations of your respective half.

In short, the idea is not to try to change your man, but to make him make these efforts on his own.

You will, of course, do the same.

7. Happy couple: accept that some of your differences cannot be resolved

There are bound to be subjected to which you can never find common ground.

Rather than exhausting yourself in sterile arguments, try to find compromises, solutions that work for both of you.

Two people cannot spend years together without experiencing some disagreements.

But couples who have understood everything about romantic relationships know how to take their side and make sure not to be overwhelmed by their conflicts.

Know how to let go of ballast and accept compromises, you will see that your life as a couple will be immediately simplified!

8. Happy couple: communicate!

Lack of communication is one of the first reasons that lead couples to break up.

But there is a right way and a wrong way to communicate. To make your discussions more productive, here are some tips:

    1. Listen carefully to your partner, without interrupting him. Pay attention to his opinion, his arguments.


    1. Summarize in a few words what he is trying to express to you to be sure that you have understood correctly.


  1. If you can, be compassionate towards him, so he will be less defensive and more able to listen to your own arguments.

If you use this method to communicate and express your grievances towards each other, you will find that it will be much easier to find a solution to your problems than to argue!

9. Bet on honesty

It is possible, after several years of relationship, that you have things to say to your partner that he does not want to hear.

But, believe me, it is better to tell him these things in the face than to give him something to doubt your honesty.

Lack of confidence is also one of the reasons that lead couples to disaster. And as soon as trust is lost, it is very difficult and very long to restore it.

Happy couples are those for whom sincerity and honesty are a strong value.

10. Respect your partner and don’t take him/her for granted

If you treat your companion with respect, he will do the same with you. By regularly reminding him of the place he occupies in your life and the feelings you have for him, you will strengthen the cement that guarantees the solidity of your couple.

Do not be afraid to express your affection for the man you love, you will be infinitely grateful and will do the same.

Transforming these 10 secrets into full values ​​of your couple is not going to be easy, I prefer to warn you.

However, if you arm yourself with patience, you will see that it is worth the effort.

You too can become this happy couple with an idyllic history, you just have to have the method! So it’s up to you!

And you girls, tell us, what are your secrets?