Happy couples have (almost) all this in common

What if happiness in love ultimately had something to do with … friendship? This is the conclusion of the author of the World Happiness Report. Explanations.

A happy and lasting love is a goal towards which the majority of couples tend. However, it is not always so easy to put into practice, especially in the long term. But then, what makes some people get there and others not?

While happy couples usually set up habits like sleeping at the same time, kissing and trusting each other, and trying to stay connected to each other , there seems to be an even greater factor. determinant for love development according to John Helliwell, economist at the University of British Columbia and co-author of a study on happiness carried out for the UN .

As the MyDomain site reports , the economist has indeed studied thousands of couples using data from two of the largest British surveys dealing with marital happiness and he found that when couples, married or not, estimated themselves to be happier in the household, each partner considered the other as their best friend. But then, how do we know if our man is also our “BFF” ? If you share with him giggles, secrets, advice, good times and complicity, there is a good chance that it will be. And reciprocally.

A real chance all the more since, according to a scientific study conducted by the British University of Oxford, joining a couple would make us lose on average two close friends .

Courage and s ex, two other allies of conjugal happiness

However much we love our half with all our heart, we don’t necessarily consider her as our best friend. The good news is that this does not necessarily mean that our relationship is doomed to failure or that it continues, but with a ration of happiness less than that of couples who consider themselves the best friends in the world. Thus, failing to want to be buddy-buddy with our partner, arming ourselves with courage could help us to maintain our relationship in good shape. Showing such quality would allow us to face adversity together, to realize our respective dreams … but also to stay in love. Finally, obviously, make love regularly should not harm your marital happiness, on the contrary.