Have you met your soul mate?

Soul mates are the personification of love and companionship.

Being in an honest, sincere and monogamous relationship with your soul mate will help you become a better person. This will push you out of your comfort zone and beyond your limits. We can see this as two pieces of the same puzzle that have trouble joining but that, with a little effort, end up clicking and forming a beautiful image.

You will not necessarily be physically attracted but you will feel a strong attraction, like two magnets. Then you will know: you are made for each other.

But then, what is a soul mate? How do you know if you’ve found your ideal partner? What are the signs that you are in a relationship with your soul mate?

Here are the questions we will answer in this article. These answers will help you understand what you want from a relationship and whether you are with the right person.

The definition of a soul mate

Spiritually, we are all reincarnated souls. During our life, we meet many people who help us to develop: both morally and intellectually. We learn from all those around us. Our goal is always the same: to find a person with whom we have a special bond, one who gives us the opportunity to live a deep, peaceful and happy relationship.

A soul mate is, therefore, someone who completes you, Yin to your Yang or light to your darkness. Together you form a whole! He is a person with whom you feel safe and who shares the same goals as you: you will be able to work together to make the world a better place.

You are going to be able to show a lot of empathy for each other and practically be able to read your partner’s thoughts. You will finally have the feeling of being understood and that everything is for the best in the best of all worlds. The euphoria created by the presence of your soul mate at your side will give you the feeling that everything is possible and that together you can face everything.

You can no longer imagine living without this person. Besides, you don’t even remember what your life was like before your meeting.

For these reasons, some couples have the feeling of knowing each other forever.

You should know that you can have several soul mates and that the relationship that you develop with them is not necessarily romantic.

How to recognize your soul mate?

From the moment you meet, your life will change! You will feel a surge of spirit and energy. You will have the impression that you were destined to find yourself and that your common future is all traced in front of you. The two people in this relationship feel the same. Here are the 10 signs that will allow you to recognize your soul mate.

1. It is a feeling of certainty deeply rooted in you.

You will not be able to say why or how this person is the right one and you will not be able to explain the amplitude of your feelings.

People may ask you: but what do you find? And, you’re going to be speechless. You know deep down that this person is perfect for you, you know you want to spend the rest of your life together but you’re not going to be able to say why.

You will not be able to explain where this feeling of certainty comes from or why you love it so much. But, each fiber of your body sends you the same message: this person is your soul mate and love him with all your heart!

2. You have a feeling of deja vu.

If your partner is your soul mate, you have surely already met in your previous lives, hence your flashbacks.

You know when some couples say: I have the impression to know him (it) since always? Well, that’s exactly it. Soul mates are found in each reincarnation of their life and that is why you have the feeling of having already met, of knowing what the other thinks or likes. You feel like you can anticipate the thoughts and gestures of the other. You then develop a feeling of familiarity and security.

3. You understand each other in all respects.

You even finish each other’s sentences.

You have the same desires and the same goals. You share the same political and religious ideas. Do you agree with existential definitions: what is good, what is evil and why are we on this earth? This ability to see things through the same eyes helps you move forward in life and build a healthy and prosperous common future.

4. You like his faults.

No relationship is perfect, but soul mates are more able to accept and love their partner’s imperfections. You accept the good and the bad sides of your loved one because you love him!

You are captivated by its qualities. For you, your partner is perfect in every way. Generous, loving, compassionate, intelligent, etc … But, you are not blind, he (she) also has faults. It can be impatience, lack of tolerance or jealousy.

But, you are also aware that you can work together on these problems because alongside all its qualities, few faults are nothing. And, your relationship is worth fighting for.

5. It’s very intense.

The good times are great but the bad ones are horrible. The advantage of being with your soul mate is that the two partners are always ready to work on improving their relationship.

Each of you is aware of its value. You both know what your flaws and qualities are. You are going in the same direction and aspire to the same thing: to be happy. But, sometimes, the way you manage your temper and how you want to achieve your goals may be frowned upon by your partner.

The advantage is that you are both ready to compromise and fight for your future. Disadvantage? When you disagree, it can quickly turn sour. Indeed, you are so similar that it creates rather intense conflicts. But, the storm is only temporary: you quickly swallow your ego and seek solutions to your problems.

6. You two are against the world.

You feel so connected, and ready to compromise, that you feel that you can launch yourself into the battle of the unjust, alone against all, and that does not scare you.

The social and political state of the world worries you. You don’t like the relationship between other couples and people in general. you feel like you are living in your bubble of happiness that no one else understands. You think your way of thinking and living is the best and to prove it you are ready to enter into conflicts.

You want to improve the world around you and show others what love can do and create. You are united in the face of adversity and together you want to change the world for the better (even if sometimes you feel that no one understands you).

7. Mentally, you are inseparable.

Like twins, you have a spiritual connection: you can, for example, have the same idea at the same time or try to call each other simultaneously.

You often think of the same thing, of having the same impulse at the same time. This is because as soul mates, you are connected. When you are together, you will have the same desires. when you are separated, you will think of the other at the same time and may even decide, at the same time, to join you.

You may, for example, meet on the way while traveling to each other. On top of that, you are able to feel the feelings of the other: you know when he/she is sad or needs support and comfort (even when you are not together).

8. You feel protected and safe.

Having a soul mate by your side is like having a guardian angel on your shoulder.

You have only known this feeling since you were together. If someone hurts you, you know your partner will be there to defend and support you. You finally know that you can rest on someone and be at peace. This Guardian Angel gives you the security and protection you need to brave the world.

By his side, you know that you are capable of anything, you can move mountains, enter into conflict with a friend or your boss because you feel, deep down, that your soul mate is there to give you a boost. thumb. Every decision you make is done freely because you are no longer afraid.

9. You cannot imagine your life without this person.

What was your life like before your meeting? You don’t even remember. Today, you can’t even imagine the idea of ​​living without the other. This person has made so many changes in your life, made you better, and upset your certainties. you cannot imagine going back and existing without it.

Just thinking about the idea of ​​a world where you are not together, makes you cry and puts you in a depressed state. You need the other to exist and move on.

10. You look yourself in the eye when you speak.

This proves that you have a feeling of comfort and confidence in this person.

You need this intensity. It gives you the feeling of being listened to and loved. You feel like you are the center of the world for someone (and you are). You don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed to share your feelings or ideas. You feel confident and secure. no one else, before him/her, made you feel like this. You feel free!

Does your relationship meet these criteria? Are you lucky to have found your soul mate? If yes, congratulations! Your life together can begin: you can build your future and develop your moral and spiritual capacities. If not, maybe you have found your twin flame? And this is something rare and precious.

What is a twin flame?

A twin flame is the second part of your soul. It is the mirror of your inner beauty and your fears. If you have a twin soul, you can be sure that you will meet it. As soon as your eyes land on this person, you will have a deep sense of identification. Your energies will attract like magnets and you will develop a feeling of uniqueness.

The relationship of the twin flames is very intense. And, for this to be happy and flourishing, each partner must first accept himself as he is and love himself. This union can be marked by many conflicts since the twin flames are a reflection of each other.

Essentially, you are the same person in two different bodies. Your faults and qualities are identical. Most of the time, one of them is spiritual while the other is more pragmatic.

Your twin flame can be a friend, a lover, or a teacher.

Have you found your twin soul?

If you are lucky to have found your soul mate or your twin flame, you are surely in a relationship that can be described as supernatural: spiritually, it is perfect. You complement each other, you are ready to understand, you are moving in the same direction and you accept the other with all its faults. Certainly, you have some conflicts but your partner and you are on the same wavelength: your relationship is worth fighting for.

Otherwise, don’t let that put you off. The search for a soul mate or twin flame can be long and strewn with obstacles. However, when you find this person, you will finally feel complete: you will have the impression of having gained confidence and spirituality.

So, if you’re still in the research, don’t worry! You are destined to find your ideal partner and nothing can go against that. Be patient and open your eyes. Maybe this person is already around you.