He disappeared, should I go after him or wait?

He disappeared, as always, especially on the weekends… You don’t know whether to look for him or wait.

Why does he do this? So we have nothing serious? Is he putting me on the bench?

To all these questions, the answer is YES.

But now what do you do then?

First, if you’re not serious, you can’t just go up and tell the guy to show up every weekend, but if he’s your boyfriend, it’s expected that, especially on weekends!

But one thing is for sure: If when he shows up on Monday or Tuesday, like nothing happened, and you treat him like everything is fine, everything is ok, he will make sure he can do it since you don’t even care. …

And so?

If when he shows up, you complain or show ANY kind of hurt or annoyance, my love, he will already know that this is your weak point, and he will abuse it when he wants to cause you some reaction…

And you know the worst? That he will still blame you!

So now we’re going to act in a way that he won’t be able to do anything, and he’ll even take one when he comes to complain because in this case, he’s the one who will complain!

Did he disappear?

Great, because now the one who will disappear will be you!

And for how many days?

It depends on how many days he was gone… For example, if he disappeared on the weekend, you won’t see him during the week… Or rather, around Thursday, saying that your only day available is Saturday!

If he makes excuses, you accept it with joy and don’t talk to him until next Thursday… That’s right, you have to make life difficult for him until he understands that you are not going to be part of his stands!

By repeating this process a couple of times, he’ll realize you’re not kidding, and he can do two things:

  • Start showing up on weekends…
  • Or complain about why you’re doing this, and then it’s time for you to act cool and don’t show him you’re making it on purpose!

What will be left for him?

Either way, you’ll be winning, you can be sure because a man who disappears every weekend, at the very least doesn’t care about you, doesn’t have a shred of consideration, and if he doesn’t even take a slipper he learns, darling, be sure that you deserve better!