He ignores me – how do you deal with neglect!

You’re a little insecure. Because the first date is still relatively recent and you’re really curious to find out more. But his counterpart responds with radio silence. You think to yourself, “He’s ignoring me! But why? Either something has gone wrong or there could be completely different things at play that are causing him to ignore me. “Now the thoughts begin to spin. We reveal what would be the reasons if a man withdraws during the acquaintance phase and give tips on how to deal with it and, if necessary, react.

Why is he ignoring me? 7 reasons during the dating phase



He doesn’t answer the phone. He no longer responds. He ignores me on WhatsApp. If you come across a single woman’s behavior during the process of getting to know each other, it could be for one of the following reasons:

1. He ignores me because he’s bored

During the date you already have the feeling: he is ignoring me! This can be noticed by the fact that he is constantly looking at his smartphone, barely engaging in conversation with you, or under certain circumstances likes to be distracted by other things or people during your date. He might just be bored with you. Men are sometimes very direct and, unfortunately, not very empathetic when they don’t know what to do with their counterparts.

2. The man ignores me because he is not interested

How do men show interest? He asks if he wants to know more about you during the date or suggests a date for something far away right away. If none of that is the case, it’s possible that he really doesn’t want anything from you. He’s just not interested. Cowardly retreat is not the elegant English way, but many men want to avoid putting themselves in an uncomfortable situation. Maybe you’re not his type. But he doesn’t want to hurt you and therefore he chooses ignorance as a way out.

3. He doesn’t pay attention to me because he’s busy with himself



If you feel like he’s ignoring you, it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with you. Maybe there was a problem since the last date that had nothing to do with the romance. Maybe he’s just dealing with an unforeseen personal or professional situation that’s keeping him from fully engaging with you. Perhaps the date reminded him of past topics that he first had to process. For example, a broken relationship or an earlier date. Here it may require a little more patience to get to know each other.

4. He doesn’t pay attention to me because he’s busy

If you have the feeling that you are not being noticed by him, it could also be because he is wallowing in too much work and stress. Maybe his appointment book is full and he just can’t get through all WhatsApp or answer the phone always ready to call.

5. He’s ignoring me because he’s upset

If a man is deliberately ignoring a woman, it could also mean that something went wrong on the date or meeting. There may be misunderstandings in communication. Maybe he was upset about something on the last date that you really didn’t want to say. Either he is upset because some things are going too fast for him or because he feels overwhelmed.

6. The man ignores me because he has someone else

If he doesn’t pay attention to you during the date, it could also be a sign that the man doesn’t want anything solid or has been thinking about someone else for a long time. If he still leaves you in the knowledge phase, he may already have another one.

7. He’s Ignoring Me, But He’s Watching Me

Or maybe it’s a very special case. He may not contact you directly, but you can hear him watching you every step of the way through friends, social media, or other channels. There may be several reasons for such behavior. Or he actually has someone else now and therefore cannot show himself openly but may be more interested in you. Or he’s still not sure how he feels about you, so he’s wrapped himself up in a cloak of silence for the time being, for self-protective reasons.

He Ignores Me: 6 Tips on How You, a Woman, React to It

Being punished for negligence can quickly erode someone’s self-esteem. That’s why you must act quickly. Even if you are accidentally ignored, you shouldn’t allow it to take over forever. With the following tips, we’ll show you how you tactically react to non-compliance.

1. Is he ignoring me? find the conversation

When you get the feeling “The man is ignoring me!” Then address him. Try not to come home with accusations right away. The first thing to do is determine what the exact reasons are. Only then can you dare to take the next step and draw your conclusions from it.

2. Apologize to him

If something really happened that might have upset and hurt him and he ignores you because of it, apologize to him. Clear up misunderstandings and offer suggestions on how to improve communication between you.

3. He doesn’t pay attention to me: be patient

Sometimes it takes patience to get to know each other. If he really can’t get in touch with you due to lack of time or excessive stress, don’t pressure him right away. However, if the acute stress situation turns into a permanent chronic condition, caution is advised. Lack of time and stress can also be used as excuses when a man is intentionally ignoring a woman.

4. Is he ignoring me? break contact

Don’t be restless or impressed if the man ignores you. Don’t waste any more thoughts on the other person if nothing really happened between you. Instead, project your hopes, desires, wants, and needs onto someone who will notice you without chasing after someone or creating expectations where there is nothing to be gained.

5. The man ignored me – do I do the same?

This isn’t for everyone, but based on the “like with like” motto, this strategy can certainly take an unexpected turn. Especially in the getting-to-know-you phase, when the communication channels and frequencies have not yet settled down to a common level, an intermittent radio silence on your part can cause him to take another step in your direction. Maybe you’ve set too fast a pace in the dating phase.

A brief pause can cause the other person to catch up with you again. It can help to make him a little jealous so he can turn his attention to you. Do more with family and friends. Maybe that takes you out of your reserve.

6. Is he ignoring me? focus on you

When a man is intentionally ignoring a woman, you should not try to please him at all costs, believing that you will. You run the risk of becoming codependent, which in the long run is not good for you. Instead, focus on the things that are good for you and boost your self-esteem. Follow hobbies, meet family and friends, enjoy excursions or go shopping. If he is seriously interested, he will contact you.

“No answer is (no) an answer”

It’s not nice to be ignored. However, many people repeatedly use the saying “No answer is also an answer” and assume that everything will take care of itself. But the very thought “He’s ignoring me” can already have a negative impact on a person’s self-esteem, which is ignored.

So if your counterpart isn’t able to maintain the customs of respectful communication or give you honest feedback, you shouldn’t try too hard to wait any longer. After all, you are not a transparent ghost, but an exciting person made of flesh and blood. For that alone you deserve attention!