He is not interested? The 3 signs that don’t deceive

It may make you crack, if it is not interested, it may not really be interested. And in this case, hanging on just seems like a waste of time. Certain signs should help you get on the right track.

What is the point of wasting time chasing after the wrong guy? Ronnie Ann Ryan, dating expert, gives Yourtango three signs that you are wasting your time with him.

1- The virtual takes precedence over the real

You fought on Tinder, then you met for real. The meeting was nice and the attraction seemed mutual. Besides, the next day, you started sending messages to yourself. He explains that he is very busy at the moment, but continues to write to you. You find it rather exciting and you engage in SMS exchanges for days. You feel like you are getting to know him well and the feelings are starting to come up. As he is assiduous in this correspondence, you tell yourself that his feelings are necessarily mutual. In short, when you are not in virtual conversation with him, you think of him, of you, and a common future takes shape.

However, he doesn’t seem to be looking to see you again. And besides, as the expert in romantic meetings explains, if he wanted to, he would have already done so. It is difficult for the ego to accept, but it is so. “Some men just like chatting with women, and they’re probably having multiple conversations at the same time.” So we stop wasting our time with him, it’s not worth it. A man who truly cares about us will always find time to see us, in real life.

2- He tells you that he does not want to commit

If he tells you that he does not want to be in a relationship , that he is not looking for something serious, he is giving you a serious clue. So, it may be nice, intelligent, cute, funny, or whatever you want, if you are looking for a serious relationship, go your way before letting yourself embark on a story that does not suit you!

3- You never see him alone

You meet him from time to time within your group of friends and he always shows a lot of attention towards you. However, between two evenings, he never tries to see you or to hear from you. At most, he likes some of your photos on Facebook or Instagram. Some women then tend to say to themselves “he doesn’t dare, he’s shy” or “he doesn’t have time”. Do you hope that each time you meet him in the evening and that he is so attentive and considerate, that your story finally begins as it should? Beware, warns the coach, someone who really wants to see us again finds the time, the courage or the means to achieve it. If he does not show any effort to do so, that gives you an idea of ​​the interest that we have.

If you recognize your crush in one (or more) of these categories, stop waiting after it and delude yourself. There is little chance that this will change. But the positive point in all this is that once you get out of your head, you will finally have free rein to find the man you need .