He refuses to introduce me to his friends

In a couple, wanting to cultivate their secret garden and take time without each other is normal, healthy and natural. But when the other spends a lot (too) of time without us, and refuses to integrate us into his group of friends, we start freaking out: does he really love us? Does he consider our relationship to be not serious? Does he hide us because he is ashamed of us? Or even worse?

The reasons that can make us relativize:

When our partner refuses to introduce us to his friends, we feel rejected and we are angry with him. But what if he had real good reasons for doing so? Here are 5 excuses that can make us take our troubles patiently:

  • He introduced us to his parents. What is frustrating when you do not meet partner’s friends is to think that if he does that, it is because for him our relationship does not count. But if we are regularly invited on Sundays to Belle-Maman for the leg, it is because, for him, this relationship is not at all official.
  • His friends know of our existence. If, when we zieute on his phone, we see that his friend Fred ended his message with “kisses to you 2”, it is because our partner is probably telling the truth when he says that he often talks about us to his friends, and that he just wants to take his time before introducing us.
  • We’ve been together for barely 2 weeks. And for once, insisting heavily on meeting his friends at the end of such a short period of time, it is normal that that anguishes the loustic!
  • He’s coming out of a complicated relationship. He introduced his ex to his pals, she was really well integrated into the group, and suddenly, when he left her, his friends couldn’t help but take sides, and it almost went wrong. Suddenly, Darling is a little scalded now. But he promised us that he was going to make an effort, because he feels that we are the right one!
  • He is not sure of himself. In our relationship, our partner is really sure of himself and does not hesitate to take the initiative. But in his group of friends, he is the one who is often spoofed and whom others love to box. Suddenly, if he does not present us, it is simply that he wants to preserve the excellent image that we have of him. We would do the same, wouldn’t we?

The reasons that should alarm us:

On the other hand, if in addition to a categorical refusal on his part, one detects one of the following signs, it does not smell very good:

  • He never goes out with us. Already he does not consider us worthy of meeting his friends, but if in addition he spends his time going out without us, no thank you. What does that mean, that the fun is with the friends, and the evenings plan-plan, with his darling? Supervision of the couple, which makes you want to say: next!
  • He has two phones. A man who refuses to introduce us to his friends, and who also has two phones, it stinks of double life. This is probably also why he refuses to take us to busy places where he runs the risk of meeting people he knows. Creepy …
  • All his friends are single. A man who only hangs out with single people and who tells us that if we come to the party, it won’t be the same, that probably means that when we’re not there, he must flirt with severity …
  • His ex is part of his group of friends, and he does not want to disturb her by forcing us into the group. But of course! A man who puts his ex before us is just impossible.
  • He doesn’t want to meet ours either. Moreover, he is not at all interested in our friends, or our work, or our passions, or anything that concerns us for that matter. If that’s the case, then this guy thinks of us as just a player, not a girlfriend. It’s time to say good bye to him!