He refuses to say “I love you” Why and what to do ?

You waited, waited, waited, but your Jules does not make up his mind to give you this sentence which is so important to you: “I love you”. Does he really love you? Can you continue together? Should you wait any longer or give up the idea that he will one day tell you? 

Does he really love you?

You’ve been in a relationship for a few months now, but your partner still hasn’t said that famous “I love you” to you. Suddenly, you ask yourself questions about the nature and reality of his feelings. Is he in love with you? Or will he become one? Does he really want to continue with you?

He wants to be sure of his feelings

Maybe he waits for his feelings to strengthen, to consolidate, before telling you that he loves you. He is happy with you more and more, and he considers saying “I love you” to be very serious and engaging, so he prefers to wait until he is completely sure of himself and his feelings. In this case, it is rather a proof of maturity and respect towards you!

He is more and more distant

On the other hand, if you really have big doubts about his feelings for you, if you feel him more and more distant, or if you feel that he does not have the same desires for the future as you, then there, it might be time to ask yourself whether or not you are right for each other. Perhaps it is not the right one, and in this case, the absence of “I love you” is a saving sign: you will not waste any more time!

Discuss it calmly

But whatever the situation, it is essential that you discuss it together. Bring it calmly, and most importantly, listen to it. Don’t harass him with “Tell me, tell me!” “. It would oppress him and risk having the opposite effect. We don’t panic and we don’t panic!

He loves you but doesn’t tell you

He sure loves you, and you are sure of it. Your moments of intimacy, of complicity, your crossings of eyes, your projects, everything proves to you that he is indeed in love with you. So why doesn’t he tell you?

He is silent out of modesty

It is possible that he does not say “I love you” to you by an excess of modesty. A rather puritanical education, a great shyness can explain that he does not dare to declare his love to you as directly as with these few words. You might even be intimidating him without realizing it!

He is silent for fear of engagement

More likely: he is afraid to tell you for fear of commitment. Telling someone that you love them implies that you take the relationship in question very seriously, and that you envision a certain future together. So some (men often!) Get scared and compare the “I love you” to a ring on the finger.

He makes you understand it differently

Your Jules may not tell you that he loves you, but he makes you understand it. It’s better than the other way around! He is attentive, takes care of you, is full of tenderness, respects you, and even admires you. It is still the most important! Do not despair, under these conditions, he will end up declaring his love to you.

Can you accept it for a long time?

In any case, put him at ease, do not put pressure on him by reproaching him for his silence, and on the contrary play down the situation. Make him understand that these few words are important but not essential. You’ll see, if he loves you, he’ll tell you eventually!

Well, of course, if he’s a commitment disabled person, think carefully about what you really want from him and your relationship. But ultimately, the right question to ask yourself is whether or not you are ready to wait for him to tell you again or not, and even if you are ready to continue with him without ever having him tell you. say. So it all depends on what importance you give to these few words, and above all what you consider to be the most important: to say your love or to prove it?