Help I need love – Stop complaining!

Have you been single for some time and are starting to feel a lack?

What if, instead of feeling sorry for yourself or going after the first comer, you take advantage of the benefits?

We refocus on ourselves

When we are in a relationship, we tend to live only for the other, through the other. However, whether we are in a relationship or not, the priority is us! We must keep in mind that, until we are able to provide what we need on our own, no one else will be able to give it to us.

Men hate women who are desperateseemingly needy and don’t make the most of their existence. It doesn’t appeal! In any case, we should not give them this impression because they will flee at full speed. What to do then?

You start by being well in your life, alone, and facing yourself. We take the time to appreciate those moments of solitude which allow us to get to know each other better.

Indeed, celibacy is a crucial period to take stock of previous relationships. What we liked and disliked, what we never want to relive.

We learn to love our solitude

Instead of taking our celibacy as a defect, a very difficult moment to live, let’s consider the beneficial sides of this situation! Love will come at the right time when we have learned to live above all for ourselves. Because to be accomplished as a couple, you must first of all accomplish yourself.

Celibacy has many advantages. In addition to not being accountable to anyone, here is a small list that should do us good morale:

  • we can pamper each other
  • we avoid hours of anguish while waiting for a text that does not come
  • we don’t have to wax
  • we can see our exes again if we like
  • we can watch a lot of stupid series on television
  • we can hang out at home in old pajamas
  • we don’t have to clean the hairs in the sink
  • we can take up all the space in bed …

The morality of the story? The more we look for love, the more we will complain about our situation, and the less likely we are to find it. So we are patient! If love hasn’t fallen on us yet, it’s not the right time for us.

Who would want a desperate woman who seems ready to settle down with the first comer, just so as not to be alone? Switch roles for two minutes, you will find that this is not attractive …