Here are 5 things to do to boost your relationship

Are your couple losing speed? Do you have the impression that your sweetheart is more and more distant from you? It is high time to reboost your relationship and rekindle the flame of your love.
Here are 5 tips that I suggest you do. You don’t need to apply all of them to feel happier, but all of them should bring you closer to your husband or wife.


Dare to try out the look you’ve been dreaming of for several months now. By changing your appearance you will have the impression of being reborn, of starting a new life full of energy. It doesn’t mean you have to change your personality, just stay who you are. But try something new. Here are some ideas:

  • Change your hairstyle.
  • Try a new dress style.
  • For girls: Try to make up differently, with other colors.
  • For guys: Try to grow a beard, a mustache.


There are days, especially if you’re working when you really have your head underwater with all the tasks to do. All this time that you spend under pressure is not good for your life as a couple and you will become more and more distant from your partner.
So take a break. Take a day off, leave the kids with your parents, put off ironing for a few days, and do something fun instead.
Share an ice cream in a park with your sweetheart, explore a new part of your city, and have a coffee in one of the restaurants. Go to a bar and listen to a local band playing some great music, why not try a couple’s karaoke?
It’s good times will free your mind, bring you closer, and boost your relationship.


Do you remember what your dream was when you were 10-20 years younger? What was it that you absolutely wanted to do with your boyfriend at the time? Dare to do it now.
If you wanted to go around the world, take a last-minute flight to an exotic destination, and relax with your man or woman there. Try new couple activities such as two-seater kayaking, a hike with a night in a tent, etc.


The weather is not always very nice, and it sometimes happens that it rains! Take the opportunity to have a tender day with your darling. Sleep in, have breakfast in bed, cuddle. You can then have massages, listen to music together, look at old photos, read a book together. A day like this will definitely bring you closer and boost your relationship.


Do you remember where you met your boyfriend? Which restaurant (or McDonald’s) did you go to for your first dinner together? What was the place of your first kiss?
Think back to the good times of your married life and try to relive them. Take your car and return to the place of your meeting, share the feelings you had when you saw it for the first time, etc…
Then finish your trip in the past by reserving a table in your favorite restaurant!

I hope all of these tips will help you rekindle the flame in your relationship. Good luck and I wish you all the best.